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Zynga Attempts To Recapture Mobile Market With New Releases

Zynga is still managing to confuse their potential audience as it is unclear as to which direction they are headed. We have discussed the collapse of Zynga since their IPO launch of $10 in 2011. Currently they are trading just over the $3 mark. Their efforts to pursue real money gaming in the US were quickly put on hold only for Zynga to try their real money version of Zynga Poker in the UK. Their new CEO Don Mattrick has made drastic changes to the company’s structure with mass job cuts and many top executives abandoning ship.

He has emphasized his vision of Zynga which is a return to their roots of social gaming. Anyone familiar with Zynga’s rough ride in the last few years is aware that one of the main reasons for their poor performance was the strategic error made by their former CEO and founder Mark Pincus who admitted that the company did not envisage the importance of the mobile world. Earlier on Zynga invested most of their resources in Facebook and the web which is a mistake they are still recovering from.

Zynga Poker is one of their most popular branded games and they have just announced the launch of their Zynga Poker Leagues on June 23 which aimed at offering Zynga Poker players a chance to win prizes.

Zynga Poker Leagues will enable players to play in n a pool of 100 players for a chance to win real life prizes over the eight week long Zynga Poker League season. Players will earn points which will advance them up the League leaderboard where they will enter a sweepstakes on August 17 in which they can win thousands of prizes with thee top prize being a new Ford Shelby GT500.

In another baffling move Zynga have rolled the dice on launching their new game called Duck Dynasty slots which is based on the hit series of the same name. While at first glance this looks to be a good idea, someone forgot to tell the brain trust at Zynga that they need to improve their public image and brand amongst the wider audience. The Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson has been under fire from the LGBT community for voicing homophobic sentiments.

Although releasing a statement that they (Zynga) are committed to supporting diversity and the rights of their players in every community, one has got ask the genius in marketing why they decided to add to the headaches of Zynga management by opting for controversy instead of conformity. As we have said in the past it is never boring with Zynga as they always keep most of guessing as to what their next move will be.

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