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World Series Of Poker: Full House Pro Launched

Caesars Interactive Entertainment together with Microsoft Studios and Pipeworks Software have launched their World Series of Poker: Full House Pro. The good news is that it’s free to play on Xbox Live if you have a membership.

Some of the unique features include receiving free stacks of chips daily. You get the chance to play with real competing players twenty four hours a day while choosing anything from single-player mode or full blown tournaments.

To add even more reality to the game you will get to enjoy announcers Lon McEachern and Norman Chad who will provide commentary during your game. There are also specialty games which cater for the more advanced poker players and include an All-in Pro Takedown tournament and eight-head-to-head Pro Takedowns.

Personalizing your game is made easy with real casino venues and special avatar accessories. In order to keep your gaming experience thrilling there are constant updates and new content being streamed which means there is always something new to enjoy.


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