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Texas Lawmaker Challenges AG Paxton On DFS Stance

Despite Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton releasing an opinion in January that DFS violated state laws of gambling, the fight for DFS in the state is far from over. Rep. Richard Pena Raymond has drafted a bill which would classify DFS as a game of skill and not chance.

Raymond is looking to get legal clarity for the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel to be able to operate freely without the threat of legal action for violating state law that prohibits games of chance.

Paxton in his opinion stated that real money DFS sites were in dispute and said,” It is beyond reasonable dispute that daily fantasy leagues involve an element of chance regarding how a selected player will perform on game day. Free fantasy sport sites — like those hosted by Yahoo, ESPN and the NFL — are not in dispute.”

Unlike Paxton Raymond believes that fantasy sports require a deep understanding of the game and the players and therefore is not a game of chance but rather skill. He went on to say that “ it really isn’t the roulette wheel.”

When asked for comment FanDuel said they were unaware of the proposed legislation by Raymond and are sticking to not offering real money contests since AG Paxton’s opinon. A statement went on to say,” We believe FanDuel has always been legal in Texas and strongly disagree with the recent advisory opinion of the attorney general, but understand that the laws surrounding fantasy sports require clarity.”

Later on in a show of unity a joint spokesman for both DraftKings and FanDuel welcomed the news and said they were pleasantly surprised to hear that legislation had been filed. The statement further went on to say,” we are not surprised that the millions of Texans that are passionate about fantasy sports have begun to contact their elected officials on this issue.”

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