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Survey Of Gambling Down Under Raises Concerns Over Online Gambling

We reported on the Bwin data that was released in a study of gambling addiction by the Harvard School of Medicine a few days ago. One of the worrying findings was the increasing gambling problems of the younger generation.

In a new study of the Australian gambling market this trend seems to be present down under as well. The well-known Southern Cross University postdoctoral research fellow Sally Gainsbury gave an interview to the Herald Sun in which some interesting findings about online gambling were revealed.

Gainsbury’s claims that her survey is the first of its kind on online gambling in Australia. She found that of the 4,688 Australians surveyed which gambled online, 30% were found to experience low to moderate risks in comparison to only 15% of those who gamble in the traditional manner.

The meaning of low to moderate risk means that these online gamblers could face difficulties that include the inability to pay bills, chasing their losses and spending above their means.

Dr Gainsbury pointed out that much like paying for items with a credit card, online gambling gives the player the feeling of not actually laying out cash as all transactions are electronically done.

Online gambling is popular and growing in Australia as the 2011 survey of 15,000 Australians showed that 8% admitted to have gambled online in the last twelve months. Dr Gainsbury pointed out that this was significant as the phenomenon had grown in the last few years. In another worrying trend half of online gamblers were found to have developed their gambling addictions after engaging in online gambling but half also were found to have had a problem before they started to gamble online.

Like the Bwin data Gainsbury also pointed out that parents and teens needed to be educated on the possible risk of online gambling as one of the biggest risk factors was being young.

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