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Soldier Wins $7.29 Million In Double Lottery Jackpot Win

The Middle East is not exactly the most tranquil location on the planet. Between all the wars and conflict there is still everyday people going on with their lives. For one Israeli Defense Force soldier the simple purchase of a ticket has changed his and those close to him lives forever. The lucky soldier won a massive $7.29 million jackpot on the weekend when he returned home from his base. What makes this story even more amazing is the fact that he also won the second prize which netted him another million shekels.

The youngster is from the city of Ashkelon which is more in the news for coming under rocket fire. For the young soldier the return to his army base was delayed as he was accompanied by his father to the national lottery operator Mifal Hapayis to collect his life changing jackpot.

Despite being a youngster the soldier showed that he has a cool head and probably will not lose his marbles at winning such a large sum of cash like those we have reported in previous articles. He was quoted as saying,” My two feet are planted firmly on the ground. I’ll put the money in a savings plan in one of the banks and I’ll make do with the monthly interest.”

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  1. That’s one amazing win! I can’t imagine winning the lottery; more so winning it twice. Congratulations!

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