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Romania Blacklists Online Gaming Websites

Following new Gaming amendments that were approved by Parliament in May, Romania has issued a blacklist of over 48 domains. Romania’s gambling regulator National Office for Gaming (ONJN) is trying to enforce a new ruling which will force operators to pay a retroactive 20 percent on GGR revenues for the last five years ending in August 01.

Operators have been given a 90 day grace period which big operators like PokerStars, bet365 and bwin are using to negotiate a settlement with the ONJN on back taxes. Bulgaria is following countries like Latvia, Belgium and Bulgaria who have also issue a list of blacklisted online gambling sites.

As of now three interim licenses have been issued to Stanleybet, Netbet and Winmasters last week. These will be valid until December 3, 2015 where after there will be preparation process for a 10 year license application. The formal framework fir the new licenses still need to be worked out until the final licenses can be awarded. Operators will be expected to fulfill certain conditions if they wish to have their domains removed from the blacklist.

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