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Poll Shows Drop In Support For Sports Betting In New Jersey

The epic battle to legalize sports betting in the state of New Jersey is set to continue on March 17 when the Third Court of Appeals decides if Gov. Chris Christie will have the last laugh against the sporting bodies opposing him.

A recent poll conducted by Fairleigh Dickins PublicMind on Thursday suggest that perhaps support for legalization is waning a bit. The poll was conducted by phone with 901 adults located in New Jersey and showed that 50 percent of New Jerseyans polled support the legalization of sports betting at the state casino and racetracks. Those on favor of legalization voice the same argument that has been heard by the likes of Gov. Christie and others. They believe the possibility for New Jersey residents to legally gamble on sports betting will increase attendance at state casinos and racetracks which will in turn provide tax revenues for the state.

While 50 percent support the efforts to legalize, some 41 percent opt to maintain the status quo. Not surprisingly the biggest supporters are those who participate in office pools. In this group 69 percent were supporters of the efforts.

With the ladies sports betting seems less popular as only 42 percent of those polled were in favor. The two main reasons for favoring legalization were the potential tax revenues that would be created while 30 percent of those in favor believe that it is the individual’s right to choose what they want to do without government intervention.

Another bad sign for statewide expansion was the polls that found that only 36 percent favored expanding casino gambling beyond Atlantic City with 58 percent opposed outright. Here again the largest support group came from those participating in office pools.

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