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Polish Men Arrested For DDOS Attack On Online Gambling Site

We recently covered the issue of the impact of DDOS attacks on online gaming sites. The phenomenon is worrying as we mentioned and has even become somewhat of a deductible expense for gambling sites.  The way it works is simple as hackers launch a DDOS attack on a gaming site which could result in the site going down and unable to process player’s bets.It is also common for these hackers to threaten the gaming companies with an attack should they not pay up. This method of extortion and armed robbery is an issue which authorities are having to come to terms with. It is difficult to arrest criminals who have replaced the gun with a computer to carry out their brazen heists.

Last week a couple of Polish men were arrested at Heathrow airport in London for launching just an attack on a gaming website. The men Piotr Smirnaw 31 and Patryk Surmacki 35 are in custody and are being questioned. According to authorities the two were involved in blackmailing the Club World Casino which was attacked on August 2 leaving it down for over 36 hours.

Detective Inspector Chris Mossop of the Greater Manchester police’s Serious Crime Division summed up the growing problem with DDOS attacks,” Denial of service attacks have become increasingly common offenses in recent years and can have a devastating effect on the victim’s on-line business or presence. They involve offenders flooding the target website with information, rendering it unable to function as it should do.”

There is no doubt that more resources will be needed to combat this growing surge of remote extortion schemes which can literally cripple any company whether gaming or otherwise.

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  1. Two men were arrested for blackmailing online casino – […] causing said site to be knocked offline. The men, Piotr Smirnaw, 31, and Patryk Surmacki, 35, are…

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