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PokerStars Reportedly Terminating Affiliate Programs

For PokerStars their acquisition by Canadian based Amaya Gaming has meant that they need to distance themselves from any legal grey areas. The comeback of the world’s largest poker brand into the mainfold has been quick and the changes expected are already showing their effects.

PokerStars made itself a global force in online poker due largely to their affiliate programs. While shunned in many parts of the globe, affiliates helped PokerStars to grow their brand into what it is today. However now being part of a respected corporate brand they have to play by new rules. PokerStars have reportedly started terminating affiliate contracts.

Affiliate forums started reporting on Wednesday that members had received notification that their affiliate agreements would be terminated within 7 days which is allowed under the affiliate agreement.

While this is permitted under the affiliate contract, many along time affiliates are expressing their outrage at being kicked to the curb after years of promoting PokerStars.

The reasons for this sudden change of heart are not clear from PokerStars‘ side but speculation is that they are looking to keep their image squeaky clean and to ensure they are 100% compliant with the regulations of the countries they operate in. The US market in particular is where PokerStars are setting their focus on and any potential grey areas are being shutdown.

This would be backed up by PokerStars withdrawing from markets like Canada which is considered a grey area. Here they are reportedly in talks with the Loto- Quebec provincial gambling monopoly which permits PokerStars to operate solely in the province and not in the rest of Canada. It seems that the bad boy image PokerStars once “enjoyed” is exactly what is driving it to become the role models for compliance in jurisdictions they plan to operate and expand in.

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