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Playstudios Enlist Shaquille O’Neal To Promote New Games

Playstudios is one of the social casino gaming publishers to watch. We reported on their real life rewards they offer in terms of cruise ships and complimentary stays at Las Vegas Hotels. Their latest ploy to improve their acquisition is to enroll the services of celebrities and they come no bigger than basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal.

They have announced two new games in their MyVegas Gamnes called ShaqJack and CaddyShaq. The promotion of games using celebrities has paid off in the last year with notables including Kim Kardashian for Glu Mobile as Kate Upton for Machine Zone’s Game of War title. CEO of Playstudios, Andrew Pascal explained their thinking behind the initiative,” We’ve partnered with the Big Man and we are incredibly excited about what we’ve created together. When players get a flavor for how we’ve incorporated Shaq into our games, they are going to be amazed at how we’ve captured the essence of his personality. And just like our MyVegas games, players earn real rewards as they play.”

O’Neal apparently is not new to Playstudios and has worked with them in the design of their other games. The two new games intend to capture the personality and character of the Shaq. The man himself said,” Once players see the games, they are going to have some fun. I play MyVegas games and their features really keep you there for a while. These games will do the same thing.”

Players can enjoy the slot machine based CaddyShaq and the blackjack based ShaqJack by earning real life rewards including a chance to shoot hoops withO’Neal in person at his home.

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