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Pennsylvania’s Online Gambling Bill Given 50/50 Chance

The state of Pennsylvania is expected by many to be the next U.S. state to approve online gambling. The sponsor of the legislation Rep. John Payne said the bill which approved internet gambling in June by a vote of 114-85 faces a critical phase as it is to be brought before members of the House Gaming Oversight Committee.

Payne was sounding pretty pessimistic and said he is doing everything he can to get online gambling and DFS regulated and approved in the state. The chances of this happening this year are 50/50 according to Payne who is retiring at the end of November. Payne has pointed out that Pennsylvania is losing billions of dollars to neighboring states who are targeting players in Pennsylvania that do not have the option of online gambling.

Payne insists that it is essential for the 12 brick and mortar casino in Pennsylvania to have legalized and regulate online gambling. He said, “we are just hurting ourselves. No one around is sitting around doing nothing.”

The problem of the Senate session ending soon and Payne’s retirement mean that should the Bill not be approved a new bill will have to be submitted next year and everything starts from scratch. On the positive side Payne believes that the Gaming Oversight Committee is “ a lot more knowledgeable” on the issue of online gambling due to his efforts.

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