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Online Operators In New Jersey To Blame For Poor Revenues

The dismal performance of online gambling in New Jersey had been discussed extensively by our team in previous reports. The online operators are quick to blame the complicated signup process and problems with banks not processing online gambling transactions.

While this all is a part of the problem, a new poll conducted by Clarion Gaming makes for interesting reading. It seems that the online operators themselves are a major part of the problem in that a high percentage of online gamblers in New Jersey gave them a mediocre score when it comes to their gaming experience.

In even a more telling statistic a whopping 62 percent of respondents polled complained that the operators were too slow when it came to addressing customer problems. And gave them a rating of 5 out of 10 in this category.

The survey was conducted in February GiGse Consumers Insights Group. According to their spokesman Jim Quigley they were shocked at the poor performance of the seasoned online operators. He said,” The operators have all been in the online business via their experienced partners and to see that 88 percent of respondents answered 7 or less out of 10 is shocking.”

One of the major problems online operators in New Jersey have encountered are the high drop-out rates. The major operators like Borgata and Caesars have a 48 percent and 38 percent dropout rate respectively .The case for this can be seen in the fact that only 12 percent of those polled gave a score of 8 or better and 13 percent gave a score of 1.

The online operators will have to do some soul searching and look towards fixing their own internal problems before looking to blame external factors. Anyone in the online world knows that customer service needs to be in the 9 out of 10 range . Anything less and online consumers will simply move on to other options. When you add to this the online processing problems it explains why the growth of New Jersey online gambling is way below even the most pessimistic forecasts.

Author: Victor

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