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New Legal Mobile DFS App QuickDraft Launched by theScore

The legal challenges in the daily fantasy sports market today are well documented. Basically in states like New York legislator are arguing that based on the fact that once you have risk consideration and a prize it is no different from real money gambling.

The main players in the DFS sector FanDuel and DraftKings make most of their money for entry fees. A Montreal based media digital company theScore have just launched their new daily fantasy games called QuickDraft which is revolutionary in that it solves two problems. Firstly they do not charge any entry fees which means that they have a much better chance of not falling foul of the law in that players do not have to risk money based on a unknown outcome which many point out is the same as gambling.

Secondly by not charging any entry fees, QuickDraft rae appealing to a much broader audience who rightly would claim they have nothing to lose and only real cash prizes to gain.

According to QuickDraft they are the only players to operate on this model. They allow users to draft line-ups of five athletes and compete for real money cash prizes. Players are not allowed to utilize any of their computer algorithms that are reportedly used by professional DFS players which is supposed to make the competitions much more fun and accessible to the average sports fan.

CEO and Founder of theScore John Levy commented on their QuickDraft app,” We wanted to provide a fantasy game that was accessible to all sports fans. Fantasy sports has lost its way by allowing gameplay that caters to professionals instead of sports fans. We think this makes for a poor experience. QuickDraft provides a mobile-first and quick fantasy experience, with exclusive free-to-play cash contests that allows us to introduce this unique and fun game to as many sports fans as possible throughout the United States and Canada.”

Currently QuickDraft will offer contests for the NFL but there are plans to expand. Levy admitted that their original plans were not to launch based on the free model but with the current status of the DFS sector they “thought the best decision is to get this out there and make it available free and build on it from there.”

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