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New California Legislation Could Mean Legal Online Poker

The state of California is considered possibly the most lucrative online gambling market in the U.S. Attempts to pass legislation that would make this a reality have been underway for a while but have gained momentum in the last few months. Earlier in the year we reported on the attempts by Senator Lou Correa with his SB 1366 bill. This bill was put on hold as lawmakers did not have enough time to draft the legislation before the New Year.

This week Assemblyman Mike Gatto introduced his AB 9 legislation that could go a long way to legalizing online poker in California. The aim of the AB 9 legislation is to create a framework for a statewide online poker industry According to Gatto the purpose of the bill is to provide both players and website operators ““certainty and security that will legitimize the game, support locally-owned businesses, and keep much-needed revenue in the state.”

At first glance the AB 9 legislation seems strikingly similar to that of Senator Lou Correa’s. Both bills have a “bad Actor” clause which could affect both individuals and companies that were involved in online gambling after December 31, 2006.

Gatto went on to say that the legislation would adopt global banking and e-commerce business practices that would ally critics of legalizing online poker. Gatto further emphasized the past role California has played in leading technology and said,” California has led the world in computer and internet innovation, and there is no good reason why we can’t continue to lead with a sensible online-poker framework. AB 9 borrows from time-tested business practices that will improve our government finances and keep our money in our home state.”

While this Bill could pave the way for online poker in one of the biggest economies in the world, there are plenty of landmines on the way which include the “bad actor” clause.

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