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Massachusetts Couple Throws $1 Million Lottery Ticket In Trash

How many of us have purchased a lottery ticket and thrown it away without checking it? This is exactly what happened to a Massachusetts couple who almost lost a winning $1 million lottery scratch card that they discarded. According to lottery officials Joanne and Joseph Zagami from North Attleborough purchased the lucky ticket for only $5 from a vending machine while doing their routine shopping.

They forgot about the scratch ticket and stuck it in one of the grocery bags. Only the next day did Joseph ask his wife about the scratch ticket. They then went through the trash and discarded plastic bags in order to find the ticket. Understandably they could not believe their luck and claimed their prize in a one sum payment which means they will walking away with a cool $650,000. When asked about their plans on spending their new found fortune they stated they intend to go on a vacation, settle outstanding bills and pay off their mortgage.

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  1. They are pretty lucky actually to still have dug out the lottery ticket from their trash. Otherwise, they never would have collected their winnings. Congratulations to the couple! I’m even more happy to know they’d be paying off their bills first :)

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