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Mark Cuban Defends DFS In Texas After AG Paxton Declares It Illegal

Reaction to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s declaration that DFs was illegal under Texas law has resulted in some heated reactions. Outspoken billionaire Mark Cuban who is invested in two daily fantasy sports companies took his opinion to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) convention which is being held in Texas instead of the original plans of Nevada. Organizers in protest moved it from Nevada as they declared earlier on in 2015 that all DFS operators would require a sport betting license to operate in the state.

Cuban a native Texan himself was quick to react to Paxton and posted on Twitter,” What a disappointment re DFS. You certainly don’t represent the views of Texans.” There are an estimate 4 million DFS players in Texas. Speaking at the conference Cuban was quick to point out that Paxton might be playing the politician as in his opinion Paxton’s declaration that DFS is legal in Texas is not legally binding and there are no plans to file any suits. Cuban even gave Paxton a compliment on his political maneuvering.

He said,” Here in Texas it’s kind of disappointing what happened, but at least it was only an opinion and from what I’ve been told there aren’t any plans initially to file any suits. It’s just a way of coming out and kind of hedging. So I’ll give our guy Ken Paxton some credit, he played politics without playing politics and he deserves some credit. Look, this is a guy who personally went through some security regulations himself, so he knows what it’s like to be a target.”

Cuban went to insist that DFS is definitely a skill as he himself sucks at the game. In an attempt to further deflect criticism of the DFS industry, Cuban asked the questions if playing the stock market involved anything but luck as no one knows “why the stock market is acting like it is.” He said,” Where should you invest your money in the stock market? I have talked to some of the smartest people and nobody knows. That sounds like a game of chance to me.”

Cuban continues his bullish approach on the future of daily fantasy sports and that’s the reason he continues to invest in it.

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