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Malaysia Will Not Follow Singapore In Legalizing Online Gambling

Asia is still seen as one of the largest gambling markets in the world. The changing landscape in the region has meant that more countries like Japan, Singapore, and Philippines etc. are more open to some sort of legalized gambling. Japan is one case in note where may believe that by the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020 there will be some form of gambling on offer to coincide with the tourist boom expected.

Many believe that Japan can be one of the top gambling markets in the works if and when there is legalization. Singapore has recently approved two online gaming operators in the country who are who are expected to launch in November.

This has led to questions about other countries in the region like Malaysia who some think would follow their neighbors Singapore. This idea was knocked down by Inspector- General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Bakar of Malaysia who said they have no current plans to propose to the government to legalize online gambling despite Singapore having done so.

He went on to say that the current available options for Malaysians to gamble are ample. He told a group of reporters,” I think we have enough means for the people to gamble; we have Magnum, Toto and so on. You can go to Singapore to gamble (online), we will not interfere but it is definitely an offence anywhere in Malaysia, even if using the facility from Singapore.”

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