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Macau’s Latest Headache Comes From Chinese Lottery

Despite being the world’s largest global gambling hub, Macau is facing challenges both from within and from neighboring regions. We reported on the losses suffered by Macau casinos during the World Cup as more punters chose to spend their money on World Cup matches.

Added to that were the new regulations restricting transit visas and the crackdown on the use of China UnionPay Co.’s debit cards. A report in Bloomberg has now added some more possible worrying signs for the future of Macau.

A lottery in China succeeded in luring punters away from Macau casinos by incorporating World Cup betting. Lotteries in China have been selling tickets since the 80’s. Like most countries China permits the lottery to operate as it uses revenues generates from ticket sales to fund social projects.

The sports lottery alone accounted for 43 percent of overall ticket sales in 2013. Punters were able to bet on the World Cup via the sports lottery which is unusual as there are stringent Chinese mainland regulations restricting gambling. Besides the internal problems in Macau there is growing competition from neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea which are looking to build casinos that would attract mainland Chinese Gamblers.

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