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Lucky 50 Time Ohio Lottery Winner Wins Another $5 Million Jackpot

Many believe that you are either born lucky or not and there is not much you can do to change this. Winning the lottery would certainly be a good sign that someone upstairs is smiling on you but winning over 50 lotto cash prizes over 20 years is truly remarkable. This is exactly what happened to  72-year-old Robert Jenei who has been playing the lotto for 20 years.

Scratch cards are an integral part of lotteries wherever you travel in the world. These paper instant win scratchies provide a magical feeling that you can win on the spot life changing jackpots. In fact they are so popular that many purchase scratch tickets as a reflex when shopping for a newspaper of groceries. For  Jenei this habit of purchasing lotto tickets has rewarded him with the ultimate prize. He has won a mind boggling $250,000 yearly for the next 20 years after scratching the winning combination on the Ohio’s Lottery’s $5 million Cash Blowout instant win scratchie.

Jenei’s history of winning has netted him as much as $100,000 in total. Jenei is both owner and operator of Jenei Drilling in Strasburg. He could not believe his luck and said,” I am meeting with my accountant and attorney to see the best way to distribute the money. I have three children, Mark, Steven and Monica, and I am 72 years old.” Understandably he was so excited that he was unable to sleep. This lucky guy is well worth having around as a good luck charm as he certainly has the Midas touch.

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  1. Congratulations! I gotta shake this man’s hand hoping that his luck will rub on to me. He’s really lucky. Now he can retire more comfortably.

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