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Lotto Tickets To Be Sold At New Zealand Countdown Checkout Tills

Lotto tickets are the most accepted form of gambling out there. While casino game like poker and blackjack are often portrayed in a negative light, lotto tickets are sold with the rationale that their proceeds go to good causes and back to the community.

Anti-gambling campaigners are quick to point out the hidden dangers in lottery tickets precisely for the reason that they seem to fly under the radar. A report in the New Zealand Herald has got some up in arms as Countdown intend on selling lotto tickets at the grocery counter. While previously customers wanting to play the lotto had to line up in a separate counter the new plan will allow customers to purchase lottery tickets at every checkout of the supermarket. This has led to concerns from groups like the Problem Gambling Foundation who believe that the ease of which tickets could be purchased will increase more people to gamble.

To permit lotto purchases alongside groceries will further legitimize gambling as an everyday part of our lives. Chief executive of Problem Gambling Foundation Graeme Ramsay believes that we shouldn’t be thinking like that.

Needless to say in the trial period lotto sales increased by 8% where customers were given the option of purchasing lotto tickets with their groceries without having to queue in a separate checkout counter. According to a spokesman from the Countdown chain they plan to offer lotto tickets at the main counter in over 100 of the 160 supermarkets across the country by the end of the month.

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