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Locaid Partners With Lucky Dog Entertainment

Geolocation technology is a vital component of the mobile gambling industry and has far reaching consequences to the brick and mortar casinos as well. Until now most people think of Geolocation technology as only a requirement needed by states in order to permit online gambling within their jurisdiction.

However the technology that enables land casinos to know exactly where you are located is increasingly being utilized to target customers for precision marketing. The largest Location-as-a-Service company. Locaid has just announced a partnership with Lucky Dog Entertainment. In terms of the agreement Tribal Casinos will use the Lucky Dog social casino gaming platform in order to strategically target mobile-based marketing by being able to determine the customer’s geographical location anywhere in the world.

President of Lucky Dog Entertainment, Mike Randel explained the reasoning behind the partnership,” This partnership with Locaid takes our product to the next level by allowing our Tribal Casino customers to capture all of the marketing data possible from their online and mobile customers. This customer data helps Tribal Casinos to continue to market to their online customers in an intelligent way, understand where their customers are located, and determine what devices they use. With Locaid, we also have the ability to set up geographical fences for our Tribal Casino customers. The geo-fencing can be used with our social casino gaming platform or as a preparation exercise for regulated online gambling requirements.”

As we reported earlier many land casinos are keen to utilize the Geolocation technology in order to convert their online customers into patrons who physically visit the brick and mortar casinos with cash rewards and other promotional incentives delivered via mobile devices.

President and CEO of Locaid, Rip Gerber expanded on this rationale,” Geolocation is becoming the common thread for optimizing both operations and profitability in the online gambling industry. By using our unspoofable geolocation technology, Lucky Dog Entertainment’s customers will optimize mobile marketing ROI, realize incremental revenues and meet state regulations. Furthermore, geolocation will bring gamers an even richer online gambling experience.”

Lucky Dog Entertainment was founded in 2011 and provides an online gaming and marketing tool for Tribal Casinos. With the Lucky Dog Platform each Tribal Casino has their own branded social casino gaming site. The Lucky Dog Platform features over 50 online social casino titles and 16 mobile titles for both Android and iOS.

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