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Japanese Gambling Legislation Faces More Delays

Earlier this month we reported on positive moves in the Japanese parliament which would have seen the controversial gambling bill being passed through Parliament. Prime Ministers Shinzo Abe has placed a lot of his political credit on the line in order to insure that Japan sees legal casinos by the time the Osaka Olympic Games start in 2020.

However today a senior official said that there is likely to be a delay as parliament would not have enough time to pass the controversial law during the current session that is set to end in November 30.

One of the reasons for the delay is the resignation of two cabinet ministers over charges of corruption, Experts believe that with the current scandal ongoing, it will be a tough sell to pass any gambling legislation that already has opposition parties voicing concerns over gambling addiction, higher crime and money laundering.

The public perception of corrupt politicians will make things tricky for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to act. Major global gaming interests like the Sands, MGM Resorts and Melco Crown Entertainment are all looking to enter what could be the third largest gambling market in the world after Macau and the U.S.

Author: Victor

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