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Illinois To Seize Gambling Earnings From Dead-Beat Parents

Dead-beat parents in the State of Illinois who gamble at casinos or the race track will now have to worry about any gambling earnings they accrue. Bold new legislation was signed by Gov. Pat Quinn and will take effect immediately. The way it will work is that there will be a national database with the names of parents who owe back child support.

According to officials in Illinois alone there is over $3 billion owing in unpaid child support. All casinos and race tracks will have to post signs warning possible offenders of the punishment should they appear on the blacklist. If they do all their earnings will be turned over to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family services whereby it will be transferred to the children directly.

While this innovative legislation is a first in the State if Illinois, it is almost a sure bet that it will be adopted in other states who are looking to crack down on parents who avoid paying child support.

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