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IGT’S DoubleDown Casino Scores Big With Women Players

Social casino games are big business as major gaming companies like IGT use them to strengthen their real money brands as well as to attract new comers to casinos. Double Down Interactive is one of the largest social casino offerings and was purchased for a whopping $500 million by IGT in 2012.

In a sign of just how popular social casino games are one only has to look to Facebook. They have just released their top 23 games for 2013 and free-to-play casino games made up five of the twenty three. DoubleDown casino is one of the largest and most popular social casino games with over six million monthly active users. In an interesting twist DoubleDown gave a rare peek into their numbers or “social casino index.” This is interesting as it shows just where and how players are choosing to play their games.

One of the surprising findings is the fact that contrary to popular belief women who play DoubleDown actually bet 30% more than men on average, According to global marketing VP at IGT John Clelland. women tend to bet more but when it comes to spending men dish out much more cash. If it sounds confusing then think of it as women willing to risk their virtual casino currency but men are likely to spend real cash on extras like the purchase of bulk cash packs.

Another point worth noting according to Clelland is the fact that social casino game play is more prevalent in states that offer players the chance to gamble legally and in areas where Native American casinos are present.

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