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Google Reportedly Set to Allow Real Money Gambling Apps in Google Store

There are reports coming out of UK based tech firm Degree 53 that Google had sent out an email to gambling operators alerting them that there is a major shift of policy planned in regards to their real money gambling policy.

According to Degree 53’s Andrew Daniels, Google is notifying gambling firms that as of August 2017 they will accepting applications for the distribution of gambling apps within the Play store in the United Kingdom, France and the Republic of Ireland. At a later date, this policy change may be expanded to new regions and countries.”

This if confirmed is potentially very big news for gambling companies as Android is by far the most popular operating system used by players. Until now the only other real money gambling option that was available on Google was Betcade which was short lived. Betcade at the time offered a one stop shop for all real money gambling apps. Android users looking to play real money gambling on their devices have had to download apps direct from the gambling sites which is a major disadvantage as it limits potential exposure to new customers and hinders developers pushing updates to the apps.

At the time of this article being published there was no confirmation from Google on their new policy.

Author: Victor

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