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Fortune Cookie Helps Massachusetts Man Win $1 Million Lottery Jackpot

Listening to your gut feeling or intuition is something familiar to all gamblers. Whether it be superstition or mojo many punters are all too aware of weird and whacky superstitions that players ranging from poker to lottery have. Whether these habits have any impact on our luck is debatable but many swear by these rituals religiously.

Fortune cookies are always fun to open and eat after a meal and for a Massachusetts man this helped him win big. William Johnson got the urge to purchase a lottery scratch ticket after opening a fortune cookie that said, “soon come into a lot of gold” and went on to purchase a lotto ticket the following day. To his amazement he won a fortune changing $1 million prize in the Massachusetts Millionaire Mania instant win scratch game.

With his new found fortune he and his wife plan on purchasing a lake house with their win. Johnson opted for a lump sum payment and will receive a cool $650,000 from his impulse purchase.

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  1. Mr. Johnson is sure one lucky man! Maybe I should get my fortune cookie soon. I hope I win the lottery with that too!

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