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Florida Lottery Tickets Could Come With Warning Label In the Near Future

The debate as to whether lottery tickets are any different from gambling at a casino is still undecided. Anyone with knowledge of how lotteries operate will know that the chances of a payout are much less than that of any slot machine in a casino where the return-to-player (RTP) is fixed and normally is above 90%.

The justification often used by lottery operators is that the funds generated are funneled into good causes such as education, health and other community projects whereas in gambling the proceeds are entirely for commercial gain in most cases.

In Florida a House Panel has voted yesterday for a bill that would require all lottery tickets to say “Warning: Gambling can be addictive.”

Rep. Jennifer Sullivan is sponsoring the bill said that she believes government sanctioned activity should come with the same type of warnings found on cigarettes and alcohol.

Florida like many states has a huge lottery player base with over 13,000 location spread around the state with prices for lottery tickets ranging from $1 to $25.

Whether or not the bill will pass is unclear but once again raises the question of how close to casino gambling lotteries really are. Many are quick to point out the hypocrisy of those who differentiate between state sanctioned lottery games which are also games of chance just like those on your local casino.

Author: Victor

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