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FanDuel Signs Multi-Year Sponsorship Deals With 15 NFL Teams

The speed at which daily fantasy sports betting is growing recently prompted DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins to compare it to a rocket ship instead of the expected jet plane. One of the more surprising developments in this market is the recent changes of the pro leagues like the NFL, MBL and NBA. Both DraftKings and FanDuel have been signing new deals with just about every major sporting franchise they can throw their money at.

Major leagues can no longer turn down multi-million dollar deals with DraftKings and FanDuel as it is clear to everyone that in practice real money sports betting is taking place irrespective if it is legal or not.

FanDuel have just announced multi-year sponsorship deals with 15 NFL teams which is a major coup for them as the NFL has been wary of endorsing daily fantasy sports betting. CEO of FanDuel Nigel Eccles expressed his delight and surprise at the new deal,” “It’s amazing. It’s surprised us how quickly everything has moved.”

FanDuel’s deal with the 15 NFL teams include radio and digital advertising, stadium signage along with other promotions. There are however restrictions that include similar limitations placed on advertising deals with casinos. These include restrictions on NFL logos not being allowed in FanDuel’s advertisements or on the FanDuel Website. NFL Spokesman Brian McCarthy explained the restrictions in that,”daily fantasy marketplace is in its infancy.”

The sporting leagues are well aware that the younger audience which they are chasing are highly engaged in fantasy sports and mobile devices. Added to that are real money cash prizes and you have a engaged fanbase taking an increased interest in the games.

The fact that Walt Disney who owns ESPN have invested $250 million in DraftKings is a telling indicator as to just how big daily fantasy sports betting is. To add to the hype Yahoo recently announced they will be entering the daily fantasy sports market and will be competing directly with FanDuel and DraftKings.

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