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European Court Deals A Blow To Online Gambling In Germany

Legislation restricting or permitting online gambling is often not clear which results in an unregulated market that lacks stability both for operators and players alike. Today was a case in point in one of the largest online gambling markets in Europe.

Online gambling was dealt a blow in Germany on Thursday. The European Court of Justice ruled that the regulation of internet gambling was justified despite being legal in the regional state of Schleswig Holstein who took a liberal approach to restricting online gambling. were banned by a German court for offering internet gambling to online players in Germany. They decided to take their case to the European Court where today they received the negative ruling.

The argument of made by their Managing Director Gert Albers was that the liberal approach applied in the German regional state should apply to the rest of Germany.

The European Court did not agree with this interpretation from and said in a statement,” The 15 remaining states were not required to change their rules just because a single state had pursued a more liberal policy for a limited time.”

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