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DraftKings Bans Third Party Scripts In Effort To Clean Up Image

DraftKings is doing everything it can to silence the critics and diminish the public relations disaster they have had in the last couple of months. Claims of insider trading and employees using confidential information to give them an advantage over regular players has resulted in the DFS giant changing its rules to represent a much more transparent and fair play ground for all.

They announced a ban on the use of third party scripting tools which were always a controversial issues. Many believe that these tools gave a distinct advantage to high volume players and fed into the controversy that the biggest winners in DFS made up only a small percentage of the overall player base. DraftKings announced that they would prohibit the use of scrips and “other automated means of interacting with the site” as of Jan 29.

The statement went on to say that DraftKings is committed to “providing competitive and entertaining contests for our players while ensuring transparency of the daily fantasy sports industry.”

Of course the timing of DraftKings wanting to offer level playing field and worry about consumer protection is seen by many as just another publicity tactic to try and deter Attorney General Eric Schneiderman from continuing to try and shut them down in New York. Most industry experts believe that these latest efforts will have little effect if any at all for those states looking to end the free ride daily fantasy sports operators have enjoyed until now.

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