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DraftKings And Metric Gaming Making Waves in Fantasy Sports Market

If you are looking for a sure bet in the gaming world then it is well worth investing in anything sports related. Whether it be fantasy sports betting or real money sports betting this gaming sector is one of the fastest growing around. As we  reported  the fantasy sports betting market attracts over 40 million players in the U.S and Canada alone. This week we saw two companies that represent these two merging worlds.

The popular fantasy sports game company DraftKings acquired their competitor DraftStreet which instantly doubled their customer base. In the case of DraftKings they are using and interesting loophole to capture both the sports fan and those looking to enjoy the thrill of winning real money prizes reaching up to $1 million. Their operation is based on the premise that their fantasy sports games rely on the elements of skill and not chance and therefore are not affected by gambling restrictions.

Another company worth betting on is that of Metric Gaming. They specialize in live sports betting which offers punters the chance to bet in real-time in game events as they unfold in real time. This week they released their new SuperLive Golf which offers players high match interaction and the option to bet up to four hundred bet opportunities per round. The timing is set to coincide with the PGA British Open SuperLive Golf follows Metric Gaming’s successful SuperLive Football which enjoyed a lot of buzz due the World Cup.

Metric’s Chairman Peter Bertilsson made it clear that they intend to release further Sports in the coming months. SuperLive Golf will be available on tablet, mobile and online for the PGA British Open. Metric Gaming’s SuperLive is aimed at changing the world of traditional sports betting in which bettors have to wait until the final match results before their wagers are graded. With SuperLive betting takes place in real time and is truly live.

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