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Bookmakers Cashing In On Overdue Royal Baby

The impending birth of the Royal baby has reached fever pitch. The entire globe has its focus on the Duchess of Cambridge as she is set to give birth any moment. For the bookies and punters alike the exact due date has meant that many have lost loads of cash and others could reap in the rewards of a late birth. The exact due sate is uncertain but it was widely believed to be on July 17 or July 19. Since these dates have past the bookmakers have already cashed in from punters who believed the Royal baby would be born in mid-July.

Ladbrokes reported that over 1,142 people have already lost money as their bets expired for the date 18th July. They reportedly have already made £18,000 while rival bookmaker Coral have cashed in £25,000 on bets that have expired.

Other major bookmakers like William Hill have earned over £100,000 and have even stopped taking new bets from punters. Spokesman for William Hill Joe Crilly said, “The money would suggest that it will be Monday or Tuesday at the very latest.”

While all eyes are focused on St. Mary’s Hospital in London there are even punters betting on a due date in August. Other betting options that people are placing include anything from the baby’s name and even hair color. Whatever the exact date turns out to be, once again the bookies seem to have the upper hand and have received one divine intervention to assist them.

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