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BitPlay Officially Launches Mobile Game Network With Bitcoins Up For Grabs

The verdict is still out on the elusive cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Having suffered a lot of setbacks in the last few years, many are still skeptical as to the staying power of a digital currency. The volatility of Bitcoin has been well documented by our team and has seen the currency trade as high as $1000.

Whatever you may think about cryptocurrencies the untapped potential is still a major factor that attracts both speculators and innovators to this digital world. One such player is BitPlay Today which is a Boston based startup founded this year. The CEO Christopher Hasset is no stranger to the gaming world and was former CEO of casual gaming company Uproar who had achieved over $60m in revenues annually prior to being sold to Vivendi Universal.

BitPlay Today’s philosophy is simple in that they aim to “drive mainstream adoption of Bitcoin and micro-transactions globally. They claim to have come up with the first completive mobile gaming network where players compete to win Bitcoin currency. They offer free tournament where players get to go head-to-head against each other via apps that can be downloaded from the Google app store. They also offer a PRO version of their apps where the Bitcoin prizes on offer are much higher and players get to compete for them via their website.

Currently BitPlay have launched three Android games – Coin Crusher, Coin Flapper and Coin Flapper PRO. Both Coin Crusher and Coin Flapper have been available in beta since November 2014 while Coin Flapper PRO has just been launched.

CEO Hasset commented on the fact that they have seen over a million games played per week during beta testing. He said,” Given the usage we’ve seen during our initial beta period alone, our two games are awarding more Bitcoin in more micro-transactions on a daily basis than any other mobile application in the world. As a company based upon the Bitcoin economy, we’re using games to make it easier for mainstream consumers to acquire Bitcoin using the micro-transactions approach. Micro-transactions, along with its global and certified transactional capabilities, are two core strengths of the Bitcoin technology that make the BitPlay Network a compelling and unique new gaming platform.”

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