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Attempts From Over 23 States To Access New Jersey Online Casinos

The demand for legal online gambling opportunities in the U.S. is huge with millions only to eager to enjoy the pleasure of internet gambling. The taboo of online gambling has being eroded by three states already and there is the promise for more to come. In an interesting barometer of just how eager online gamblers are keen to wager online, it has been reported that gamblers in at least 23 U.S. states have being attempting to log onto the now legal online casino sites in New Jersey on the first night with their test phase in full swing.

This data has been provided by the Matt Katz, CEO of CAMS LLC who are responsible for the geolocation technology provided to the Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza in New Jersey. As we all know one of the main restrictions of online gambling in the U.S. is that only residents situated within state borders are permitted to gamble online. According to Katz these illegal attempts are further proof why geolocation technology is vital to maintain strict safeguards in New Jersey.

While only officially launching next week, New Jersey’s trial phase is vital in order to tighten up any loopholes that would conflict with the law and to iron out technical aspects of the systems that could cause hiccups.

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