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Study Shows DFS Is Based On Skill And Not Chance

The question whether daily fantasy sports is a game of skill or chance has been widely debated over the last few years. Both DFS giants DraftKings and FanDuel used the argument that DFS is a skill based game when defending themselves before lawmakers who considered them nothing less than real money gambling. Indeed the very fact that this question is open to debate is what resulted in increased scrutiny for the DFS industry that resulted in lengthy lawsuits and increased regulation. A recent study conducted by Kansas University concluded that DFS is indeed a games skill and not merely a game of chance. The study which was published in the Journal of Sports Science was aimed at legislators and the hope is for them to classify DFS not as gambling. Among some of the findings of the study were that,” Unskilled participants never win at DFS.  With extremely high probability, all DFS winners have skill.” The result of the study by Professor Todd Easton and Sarah Newell were based on conclusion from studying simulation cases that generated random teams. The idea was to simulate a DFS participant who knows nothing about the sports. The results were that such participants failed dismally and did not won a single payout. The study said,” The most astonishing result is that not a single team won a payout. It is difficult to truly comprehend the extreme rarity of losing all 35 contests. This is less likely than a single ticket winning the Powerball. It is less likely than flipping a coin and getting heads 28 times in a row. It is 300 times less likely than being struck by lightning this year.” In their conclusion aimed at legislators the authors stated unequivocally that,” Elected leaders and the judges of the country or state determine what constitutes gambling. This paper has shown that DFS contests do not meet one the necessary requirements of gambling: chance. Thus, the authors recommend that states should no longer legally consider DFS salary cap contests as gambling and encourage the use of this research to inform the public and lawmakers of these new developments in this controversial…

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NIGA Wants In On Legal Sports Betting Market In U.S.

The list of various parties looking to capitalize on the possibility of sports betting being legalized in the U.S. is growing by the day. We already reported on some of these players looking to get in on the ground floor including the NBA, MLB and NFL. Not surprising the Native Indian Tribes are now voicing their concerns ahead of the pending decision by the Supreme Court. At the recent National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow and Convention in Las Vegas the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) passed a resolution which is set to ask Congress to above PASPA and in its place introduce legislation that would include all Indian tribes to also enjoy the benefits of offering legal sports betting in states where it would be legal to do so. They are insisting that “lawmakers should fully recognize and protect Indian gaming operations and satisfy the NIGA Principles of Sovereignty.” NIGA is wary of a scenario where sports betting gets legalized for everyone expect Indian lands which are still prohibited from operating under the 1998 IGRA act. A member of the Bad River Bank Lake Superior Chippewa, Aurene Martin voiced what man Indian tribes fear in that there could well be a scenario where, “prohibition against the states is repealed but the prohibition against the tribes…

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Corruption Rife At Lower levels Of Tennis World

Match fixing and illegal betting is sports is no new problem. We have covered this topic in detail over the last few years and with the explosion of instant online information available to everyone, the problem is getting worse. In a report done by an investigator at the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) it was revealed that at the lower end of professional tennis, corruption is rampant mainly due to players not being able to earn a living and the explosion of online betting which generates billions of dollars. The report compiled by teams of lawyers specializing in sports law found that,” ‘The current tennis environment provides a lamentably fertile breeding ground for breaches of integrity.” The less worrying news is that this type of match fixing has not reached the higher levels like the Grand Slams, ATP or WTA Tour events. Most of the offenders are male. Reacting to the report which took over two years to compile at a cost of £15m the sport’s authorities have pledged to implement some of these findings. Some of the immediate measures will include the strengthening of the TIU to 17 employees and limiting “pure appearance fees” which do not offer the player much incentive to perform. The report also recommends the TIU expand globally and not just be based at their current headquarters in…

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NetEnt Releases Excellent Q1 Results Despite Severance Package to Former CEO

Results are in for the first quarter of 2018 for online technology supplier NetEnt. The Stockholm based giant released their latest figures which show revenues of $50.5m for the quarter which is 31% higher than the same period last year. The figures would have been even better if NetEnt did not have to pay the former CEO Per Eriksson a severance package after been showing the door by NetEnt’s Board. It was reported that despite the good results there was disappointment at the rate of growth and the board favored new leadership to lead the company in the long term. Factors contributing to at the quarterly figures were also weakness in Norway which was made worse by plans to further restrict payment processing by unauthorized international sites. In terms of revenues from locally regulated markers NetEnt’s share rose by three points of 34% which was mainly due to a strong performance in Italy. Netent also said that they plan on expanding activities in the U.S. by applying to the newly regulated Pennsylvania market. In addition they plan on launching in Canada via British Columbia’s BCLC’s in Q3. Operating profit rose 5.5% to SEK134m and after-tax profits shot up nearly 27% to…

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FOBT Minimums Will Be Reduced To £2 After Years Of Debate

The debate over fixed odd betting terminals or what many term the “crack cocaine of Gambling” is coming to a head it seems. After years of lobbying from both sides there are reports that an agreement has been reached between the Treasury and Downing Street. For years anti FOBT campaigners have been lobbying to reduce the maximum bet from the current £100 to anything as low as £2. The public battles have been fierce and there have been endless commissions and reports that have suggested lowering the limit to anything from £50 downwards. The current £2 limit is a whopping 98% reduction from the current state and is set to have major financial implications both on the gambling firms who rely on these cash machines as well as the punters will supposedly be protected from these addictive machines. Only yesterday was the decision to lower the limits delayed due to local elections on May 3. The fear amongst the government was filling the massive tax revenues holes that will result from the reduction. It should be noted that even the Gambling Commission recommended the limit be reduced to £30 but public campaigners have won the battle. Outspoken voices like the founder of group Justice for Punters, Brian Chappel was delighted at the news and said,” If they have decided to go down to £2 that would be absolutely brilliant. These machines are designed to be addictive – they should never have been allowed on the high street where they attract people who are desperate.’” The effects on the major gambling firms will be devastating as each FOBT earns around £50k per year on average for…

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