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UKGC Releases Latest Report

The UK Gambling Commission has just released their report for the 12 months to December 31, 2017. One of the most interesting findings was the increase in players suing mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones which increased by 51% in 2017. According to the reports 45% of adults aged over 16 had participated in at least one gambling activity in the last four weeks. This represents a 3% decrease from 2016 but is around the same as that of 2015. As per usual more men participated in some form of gambling more than women. The rates were 48% amongst men and 45% amongst women. The age groups most likely to indulge in gambling were those of 25 to 34 and 45 to 64.The age group of 35 to 44 saw a decline in gambling participation from 49% in 2016 to 43% in 2017. The most popular form of gambling according to the UKGC was the National Lottery with 27% of people participating. Following that were scratch cards and other lotteries with 11%. Sales for National Lottery Draws were down which was mainly attributed to the Lotto ticket price increase to £2. Slot machines and fruit machines were down to 4% and sports betting was slightly down to 6% .The much talked about fixed odds being terminals made up around 1% of player participation. When it comes to how players gambled the UKGC report found that 80% of the players that had gambled in the last four weeks did so in person. The issue of trust among punters and the public is of key importance to the gambling industry. Here only 33% of people polled believed that gambling is fair and can be trusted which is slightly higher than the 34% in 2016. The UKGC has not been shy in handing out massive fines to operators like William Hill and 888 in the last year for not addressing serious issues such as money laundering and protecting the public from inaccurate marketing campaigns and practices that contributed to the gambling industry being perceived as unfair and…

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DraftKings Hires Sean Hurley to Head Up Sportsbook Product

The daily fantasy sports market has changed a lot in the last 12 months with the clear conclusion that DraftKings in the market leader. After lengthy legal battles and crackdowns by various states the DFS sector is now looking to diversify and enter the legal sports betting market. The pending decision regarding legalization of sports betting in New Jersey has got companies like DraftKings preparing the groundwork for a possible entry into this potentially massive market. As we reported last month DraftKings confirmed they had already being looking into a sports betting product based on the outcome of the Supreme Court decision later this year. DraftKings has emerged as the clear leader in the DFS market with FanDuel experiencing a lot of difficulties especially after the proposed merger between themselves and DraftKings fell through. In an effort to be ready for the possibility of legal sports betting, DraftKings have hired Sean Hurley to head up their sports betting vertical. Hurley has had senior roles that include commercial head for London–based sportsbook and trading platform supplier Amelco. According to DraftKings Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder Matt Kalish,”Sean brings a wealth of gaming experience to DraftKings and furthers our ability to be a leader in the sports betting…

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Lotto Betting Group Challenges Proposal To Ban Betting On EuroMillions UK

The decline in National Lottery income for good causes in 2016-2017 has resulted in proposals to ban betting on non-UK EuroMillions. The Digital, Culture , Media and Sport (DCMS) stated last November that they plan on banning betting in non UK EuroMillions in the same way as there is a ban on betting on existing UK National Lottery draws. As we have reported in the past, the government is under growing pressure to block online lottery companies like Lottoland and MultiLotto that enable players to bet on the outcome of actual lotteries but these companies are not obligated in any way to return any revenues to good causes. Some of the key players in these online lottery groups are being represented by the Lotto Betting Group and are urging the DCMS to halt on plans that will enforce a ban on betting on EuroMillions. The group that is made up of Lottoland, WorldLottery Club, and Multilotto believe that there is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that  offering betting on the non-UK EuroMillions is having any statistical effect on the UK EuroMillions ticket sales. The pending restriction is set to be introduced on April 6 and the Lotto Betting Group is asking the DCMS to suspend this legislative process. In addition they believe that the decision to implement such a ban was ,”irrational, in that is was unreasonable for the Secretary of State to impose a licence condition prohibiting betting on EuroMillions draws. The Lotto Betting Group believes that the decision to prohibit betting on non-UK EuroMillions draws was unjustified and was based on inconclusive…

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Playtech CEO Sees Opportunity For Sports Betting To Replace FOBTs

The pending crackdown on fixed odds betting terminal (FOBTs) has got many concerned as the ramification for major bookmakers is significant. The main issue that will affect the bottom line of bookmakers like Willian Hill and Ladbrokes is the planned maximum wage limit that could be reduced from £100 to as little as £2 according to reports. While some see only the negative impact of such a move, many interested parties see a potential positive impact as there will be other options that punters look to. According to Playtech CEO Mor Weizer who heads the company that is responsible for the software that runs these controversial machines said that companies would now possibly exploit a legal loophole to replace the lucrative FOBTs with sports betting machines which currently are not subject to any limits. In an interview with Reuters, Weizer said, “I believe that if FOBTs would be impacted, self-service betting terminals (SSBTs), a similar machine for sporting results, would enjoy additional benefits,” he told Reuters in an interview. There is no restriction on the number of machines you can have at a shop.” As reported companies like William Hill and Ladbrokes have already warned of the possible effects of a drastic maximum bet on FOBTs which would include job losses and closing of…

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NCAA Opposes Sports Betting Legalization

The pending sports betting legal case in New Jersey has occupied the news in the last few years and has shown the double standard of some of the largest sporting bodies in the U.S. While the NBA and MLB have flip flopped many times in the last few years, their latest approach seems to be that as long as they get their share of the loot they will support the legalization. The overall argument of the major sports betting bodies has been that nay legalization of sports betting would affect the integrity of the sport. In the latest news the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has come out in opposition to the legalization of sports betting. As it stands now New Jersey is spearheading the move to overturn the Federal PASPA act that in reality makes it illegal for government entities to operate or promote any gambling or wagering that is based on professional or amateur athletes. Head of Lead1 Tom McMillen, a group composed of athletic directors from the NCAA Division said that the majority of members of the organization were not in favor of legalization, He said that 80% were surveyed and voiced their opposition to the idea, As to be expected McMillen like all the other sporting bodies are hedging their bets to suit their own interests and said that while the NCAA has not declared their official position on the matter, there could be a scenario where if the courts determine sports betting to become legal, they the (NCAA) will deal with…

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