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Anger Over Proposed Limits Set To Be Placed On FOBTs

The much talked about crackdown on fixed odds betting terminals is still a major political hot potato. One of the main proposals to curb what is dubbed as the “crack cocaine” of the gambling world is to limit the maximum stakes from £100 to £2. In the last few months much speculation has been doing the rounds as to the exact reduction the government will enforce. It is now emerged that the government is considering limiting the bets between £2 and £50 which has got critics up in arms. Outspoken critics like the Bishop of St Albans Rev Alan Smith is adamant that any reduction above £2 will not address the harmful effects the FOBTs are having on vulnerable communities. He said,” In our broader response to the consultation, the Church of England will urge the Government to consider the experiences of those affected most by these machines, and to choose to lower the stake to £2. At present, FOBTs are the only betting machines on the high street which take a stake of more than £2. The £100 stake has been a disastrous anomaly. I urge the Government not to replace one harmful anomaly with another at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable.” Other outspoken politicians like Labour’s shadow culture secretary Tom Watson criticized the delays and endless consultations on the matter. He went ton to urge the government to address all gambling relates dangers and warned that Britain is suffering from a gambling addiction epidemic. He was quoted as saying,” The £100 stake has been a disastrous anomaly. I urge the Government not to replace one harmful anomaly with another at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable.” The government has also asked for information on the effects of FOBTs from the Gambling Commission as well as proposed measures on how to track and monitor…

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Pennsylvania Governor Officially Approves Online Gambling

Pennsylvania has officially become the fourth U.S. state to legalize online gambling after Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation on Monday that would authorize the expansion of gambling. Pennsylvania will now join New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. The need for new revenues that could be generated by gambling expansion were just too tempting for for the legislators to overlook. Pennsylvania is the second largest commercial casino state and the addition of online gambling options in both the state lottery and casinos is bound to attract new younger players that are essential for long term growth. Gov. Wolf is not known to be a fan of expanding gambling but chose this option to avoid a tax increase. Wolf believes that the proposed changes will not cannibalize state revenues from existing casinos. Bidding for the news casinos would start at $7.5 million with limits of 750 slots per casino and 30 table games. In terms of the new legislation ten of the state’s existing casinos can bid on a licence. The casino will be able to offer online gambling in eight airports including Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. In addition five slot-style monitors or VGT’s will be allowed at certain truck stops. Revenues generated are expected to reach $200m but this is yet to be proven as seen with the pre-launch of online gambling in New Jersey. Many experts believe that the addition of Pennsylvania to the online gambling market in the U.S. will get the attention of other states who will also pursue legislation to legalize internet gambling. Pennsylvania’s existing casinos generate more gross revenues than any other state except for Nevada according to the American Gaming Association with over $1.4 billion in the last fiscal year. The lottery in Pennsylvania generates $4 billion in sales of which $1 billion is…

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Pennsylvania Becomes Fourth U.S. State to Legalize Online Gambling

Pennsylvania has become the fourth U.S. state to legalize online gambling. The Pennsylvania Senate voted 31-19 voting in support of the HB-271 bill which will legalize online casino and poker sites, daily fantasy sports, mobile gambling at airports, VGT’s at selected truck stops as well as 10 new satellite casinos. HB-271 was approved by the State Senate on Wednesday and after reconvening on Thursday morning was finally passed. This means that all that needs to happen now is for Gov. Tom Wolf to sign the bill and make it law. Some of the issues arising from the amended bill include the whopping 54% tax on online slot revenues. Online casino and online poker were set at a 16% rate. Needless to say there is much opposition from state established casinos like Penn National Gaming Inc. who operate the Hollywood Casino at Penn national Race Course. They are of the opinion the proposed new satellite casinos would cannibalize the existing states revenues. The satellite casinos will have to be built at a distance of 25 miles from any existing casino operator. The licenses will be awarded through a process of auction open to operators of existing and freestanding casinos. The minimum bid price will be $10m for the option of having both table games and slots. Supporters of the new bill believe that many jobs will be created as well as a portion of slot proceeds will also go to community projects like school property tax relief. With online gambling becoming legal, all games will be available online via any device subject to geo-location technology. The aim of offering mobile gambling is to attract the younger audiences which are seen as key to long term growth of the casino…

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Poker Ace Phil Ivey Loses Appeal In £7.7m Supreme Court Appeal

Professional poker player Phil Ivey has lost his appeal to the London Supreme court to recover his £7.7million from the Crockfords Club in Mayfair in 2012. Ivey was playing a version of baccarat called Punto Banco. He was accused of using an illegal strategy called edge-sorting which according to the owners of Crockfords Club, Owner Genting Casinos UK  not legitimate. On Wednesday a unanimous decision by five justices held up the majority decision of the Court of Appeal. The technique of edge-sorting is a system which involves identifying the tiny differences on the pattern on the reverse of playing cars. This information is then used to exploit and increase the chances of winning. It is alleged that Ivey persuaded the croupier to rotate the cards based on the notion that he was superstitious. Ivey himself never touched the cards. According to Lady Justice Arden there was no doubt that the action of Ivey and another gambler Cheung Yin Sun did in fact interfere with the process of the game and that the intervention was considered as an act of cheating. Lord Hughes also pointed out that under the rules of Punto Banco there is an essential element of the game which must remain pure chance with the cards delivered entirely randomly and unknown to the punters. He said Ivey went on to stage a carefully planned and executed strategy. Hughes did not mince his words and said,” He accomplished exactly the same result through the unwitting but directed actions of the croupier, tricking her into thinking that what she did was irrelevant. That it was clever and skillful, and must have involved remarkably sharp eyes, cannot alter that…

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Trump Administration Backs NFL In Sports Betting Appeal

The ongoing legal battle for New Jersey to legalize sport betting in the Garden State has taken many twists and turns over the last few years. The U.S. Supreme Court decision in January gave a lot of hope to Gov. Chris Christie as they considered delaying a decision in order to hear what the Trump administration had to say on the matter. Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey B. Wall wrote in a 24-page brief essentially saying that New Jersey did not have a case. Wall’s brief filed with the Supreme Court supports the professional sports leagues in their opposition to not allow New Jersey to offer sports betting. Wall said the New Jersey’s attempt to circumvent the federal ban on sports betting by repealing the state laws prohibiting it was “no different than a positive enactment authorizing such gambling,” Gov. Chris Christie called the approach by the league hypocritical for opposing betting but allowing teams in Las Vegas. Christie said in an interview with Bryant Gumbel, that the “ leagues no longer have the moral ground”. He pointed out that the Vegas Golden Knights started playing in the NHL and the NFL’s Oakland Raiders are moving to Vegas in 2019. The American Gaming Association has urged the Supreme Court to hear the appeal despite the solicitor general’s recommendations.  Senior VP of public affairs Sara Slane said,” The 25-year-old ban on sports betting is fueling a thriving $150 billion illegal gambling market that deprives states of revenue that could instead pay for vital public services, such as education, infrastructure and law…

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