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Colombia Grants First Online Gambling Licence to

Latin America is seen as one of the largest potential markets in the global gambling world. Still not formally regulated in most countries, the size of the populations especially the likes of Brazil have got the largest companies in the world looking to put their stake on the continent. In recent reports Sheldon Adelson of the Sands Group reportedly met Brazilian President Michel Temer and other government officials to pitch a $8 billion casino project in Rio de Janeiro. This is even before gambling had been formally legalized. In light of Latin America being on the wish list of all the largest gambling companies, Columbia has just issued its first online gambling license to who are owned by electronic gaming machine firm Aquila Global Group. They have received approval from the Coljuegos national regulatory body. This issuing of the license comes as the Columbia government announced that they will block unauthorized and unlicensed operators and published a list of 325 online operators that were offering online gambling to Colombian players without a license. The publishing of the list is aimed at ensuring local licenses get a fair chance to attract enough viable customers. Coljuegos is trying to compel local ISP’s to block the 325 international online gaming domains. In terms of the new legislation approved last year, all operators wishing to remain active in Colombia will have to obtain a licence that includes a tax of 15% on gross gaming revenue. The market size of Colombia according to Coljuegos could be as big as $8 billion dollar in the first few years of operation. According to head on new business of Coljuegos Liliana Viberos they have received over 60 inquiries from interested applicants and are expecting seven online local licenced sites by the end of…

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Ladbrokes To Face UKGC Probe After Confidential Data Leak Exposed

There is nothing in the online gambling world that scares players more than data leaks. The integrity of gambling companies to secure sensitive private information of their players is key to them being able to attract and maintain their customer player base. A serious incident involving Ladbrokes is being investigated by the Gambling Commission following an incident in Glasgow. According to reports Ladbrokes could face an investigation over confidential information regarding gambling addicts that was found in a bin bag on the street. According to reports the information included names, photos, and addresses and was found by a passerby outside a Ladbrokes branch in Glasgow. The data involved players participating in Ladbrokes’ self-exclusion scheme called Moses which enables gambling addicts to ban themselves voluntarily. The idea of bookmarks holding such information is aimed at bookmakers being able to help identify problem gamblers and prevent them from being able to play irresponsibly. The Gambling Commission said that they take the issue of sensitive data security very serious and are looking into how such data landed up in bin in the street. Gambling Commission Executive Director, Tim Miller said,” Customers trust that their personal data will be collected carefully and then protected properly. We expect gambling operators to adhere to all data protection laws or regulations, which are enforced by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In an instance where personal data has been breached, we would expect operators to do whatever they can to mitigate any harm caused.” Ladbrokes responded in a statement saying that they had no idea how the data landed up on the street but are treating this incident very seriously and are undertaking a full…

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UKGC Slaps £150,000 Fine on Lottoland For Misleading Advertising

Only yesterday we reported on the new partnership between lottoland and William Hill Australia. We mentioned the ongoing media wars between lottoland and the larger lottery companies like Camelot who are launching media campaigns that are pointing out the moral issue of lottoland being allowed to sell lottery tickets without being compelled to give a single penny back to the community. It seems like the UKGC is also starting to feel pressure to enforce the letter of the law with lottoland. They have just announced that they will be fining Gibraltar based lottoland £150,000 for failing to make it clear in their advertisements that players are betting on the outcome of a lottery draw and not actually taking part in a lottery. According to the UKGC audiences are being misled into thinking they are playing on lotteries where certain proceeds go to good causes, In terms of their latest update the UKGC states that,” lotteries are different to other gambling products as a portion of proceeds must go to good causes’. This latest fine follows a previous complaint by the UK Advertising Standards Authority ( ASA) on February this year which states that a advisement broadcast on behalf of lottoland also purposely misled the public into believe that they were taking part into a lottery and not betting on the outcome of that lottery. Gambling Commission program Director for Enforcement and Intelligence, Richard Watson was very clear as to the seriousness of the charges against lottoland. He said,” In this case the operator used ambiguous terminology in their marketing and advertising, which was misleading. That is not acceptable and the £150,000 penalty package reflects the seriousness of Lottoland’s failures. We expect all operators will learn the lessons from this case and take action to ensure that their consumers are clear about what they are being…

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Lottoland Signs Partnership Deal with William Hill Australia

Gibraltar – based online lottery firm Lottoland has signed another big deal with William Hill Australia. We reported last month on their deal with the Kindred Group which was also seen as groundbreaking move on their part, Lottoland will offer customers of William Hill Australia the service of betting on the outcome of the world’s leading global lotteries. All prizes are guaranteed by Lottoland’s insurance companies which means lotto players can enjoy the same benefits of playing and winning on the largest lotto brands without having to be present in the specific country. As we have reported lottoland’s success in the last few years has made them unpopular with some of the biggest lotteries in the world like Camelot. The rationale against private online lottery companies like lottoland is that they are able to sell their tickets for the same price and even cheaper that regular lotteries but are not obliged to give any portion of their proceedings to good causes. This has led to companies like Camelot looking to regulators to limit lottoland’s ability to offer their betting insurance model they use. Head of Corporate Development for William Hill, Oliver Scott said,” William Hill is a leader in Australian betting and we are thrilled to make this innovative and exciting new offering available to our punters, to bet low stakes for the chance to win small, medium and goliath jackpot prizes” Lottoland Solutions Director Michael Bogie gave their comments on the partnership, “Australia is a fantastic market for lottery betting and we are proud to be partnering with William Hill. This is a great example of our group’s commitment to Australia, bringing new choice to punters and sustaining and creating jobs and investment in a market we are all passionate…

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Number of DFS Players in North America rises 3.3 Percent to nearly 60 Million

The daily fantasy sports market in North America has had a roller coaster ride in the last few years. What was once largely an unregulated real money industry has now become one of the most scrutinized sectors in the gaming world. The “glory days” of DraftKings and FanDuel being allowed to operate unhindered under the guise of offering skill based games are now over with most conceding that it DFS is just another form of real money sports betting. Once would think that the turmoil in the last few years would have put a dampener on the industry but statistics from the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) show the opposite with a record 59.3 million people engaging in DFS this year in comparison to the 57.4 million last year. This 3.3 percent increase is interesting taking into consideration that in 2009 there were only 28.4 million players involved in DFS. The DFS industry along with the ancillary revenues around it generates around $7.22 billion which includes the traditional draft partied and food associated with the sports. This survey was conducted in two phases, the first between March 1-6  in Canada and the second between May 30- June 1 in the U.S. FSTA president Paul Charchian elaborated on the survey findings and said,” The fantasy sports industry’s continuing growth demonstrates consumers’ passion for the hobby and their desire to play with friends and family. We continue to see innovation that broadens the appeal of fantasy sports and data that shows tremendous gains in the scale of participation and economic impact.” In terms of demographics DFS is still largely dominated by males with 71 percent and females only make up 29 percent. The main sports dominating DFS remains football with nearly two thirds of leagues being made up fantasy players associated with football related leagues and…

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