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UK Online Gambling Revenues Continue To Grow

The UK Gambling Commission has just released the figures for the UK gambling market for the period between October 2015 and September 2016. Overall gambling revenues were up 3% to £13.82 billion. Online gambling revenues took first place and generated £4.46 billion compared to the £4.23 billion for the months between April 2015 to March 2016 which were £1.7 billion. Contributing to remote betting revenues was Euro 2016 which helped remote betting rise by 10% to £1.7b. Online casino revenue rose 3% to reach £2.4 billion. Here online bingo performed not so well with a decline to £149m. The amount of customer accounts increased from 23.7m in the previous period to 28.4 million with active accounts increasing from 20m to 21.4m. Overall number of gaming machines decreased slightly to 176,420 but reported a continued increase in machine GGY in all sectors. The infamous FOBTs generated the highest machine revenues at £1.8b which despite all the bad publicity they have attracted represents an increase of £57m on the Commission previous industry figures that were published in November. Land based casinos reported a 19% revenue increase to reach…

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Solicitor General Urges Supreme Court To Reject New Jersey’s Sports Betting Appeal

The ongoing legal fight by the state of New Jersey to legalize sports betting has taken another turn for the worse. Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall filed a brief with the Supreme Court on Wednesday in which he urged it not to hear the appeal of New Jersey in the lower court which prevented the Garden State from legalizing sports betting within its borders. The decision by the Supreme Court is expected to be made by the end of June. Back in January the court invited the solicitor general to give his opinion which at the time was seen as a positive sign for New Jersey’s appeal. The odds are not good as the Supreme Court hears only around 1 percent of appeals but this is dramatically higher when the solicitor general’s input is sought as he represents the government in cases before the Supreme Court. Insiders are not in agreement if this latest move is a definitive changer as this case goes down to the very issue of the Federal government’s ability to interfere in states’ decision making processes. CEO of William Hill US, Joseph Asher is not optimistic about sports betting being allowed in New Jersey. He said,” The Supreme Court could still decide to take the case, but I think it’s less than 50-50 that it will.” The good news for New Jersey is that several states including Mississippi, West Virginia, Arizona, Louisiana and Wisconsin have joined New Jersey’s effort to have the case heard by the Supreme Court. On the other hand they are up against the four major pro sports leagues and the NCAA who oppose New Jersey being allowed to offer sports…

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FA To Probe John Terry’s Substitution As Bookies Lose Money

Match fixing in professional sports had been covered extensively by our team over the years. The advances in technology have on the one side make it easier to influence the outcome of a game but have also resulted in sporting bodies being able to track any irregular betting patterns. The latest case in hand involves Chelsea’s John Terry who was substituted in the match against Sunderland in the 26th minute only to be called off two minutes later. The Football Association announced that they are willing to take action if it can be proven that anyone related to Sunderland or Chelsea cashed in on insider knowledge. According to bookmakers £3500 was made on the substitution after three punters made bets at 100-1 on Terry been substituted in the first half. The FA will utilize the sports intelligence unit of the Gambling Commission to investigate suspicious betting patterns. They will be able to access data of bookmakers who under their license requirements have to provide such information. This case follows the comical incident with Sutton United goalkeeper Wayne Sutton which we reported on. There the portly goalkeeper was seen eating a pie live on television during a FA Cup after bookmakers had offered odds for the very same thing…

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Plans To Allow NFL Fans To Bet At Las Vegas Raiders Stadium

We reported earlier on the Raiders moving their franchise to Las Vegas, The $1.9 billion stadium that will house 65,000 people plans to offer fans the ability to place bets from their phones while in the stadium. Betting in sports on mobile apps in Nevada is nothing new as it has been permitted as long as players are within state lines. The news is good for the Raiders and follows their lease agreement been approved last week. This is set to be ratified by NFL owners at this week’s spring meeting in Chicago. The question is now if the NFL will try and block fans placing bets within the stadium by using geolocation technology. In terms of the lease the language is clear and prohibits,” any Gaming or Gambling, the maintaining or operating of a Gaming Establishment and/or sports wagering or any wagering on racing or other non-sports events.” Mobile gaming is not mentioned and given the fact that mobile sports betting app shave been around Nevada for a while means that this in-stadium betting option should not be a problem. In a statement NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy was vague and only said that the Raiders were” required to abide by League rules on the matter,” According to Nevada Gaming Commissioner Chairman Tony Alamo the NFL has yet to approach them on the issue. He also told ESPN that,” The Nevada Gaming Commission is the policy maker for the state of Nevada and gaming, and they have not approached us in any shape, way or form.” It remains to be seen if by the opening of the stadium which is expected in 2020, this issue gets…

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Report Shows Digital Wagering Down Under Accounts For Two Thirds of Gaming Turnover

We have reported extensively in the past on how Australians are the most prolific gamblers on the planet in relation to their population. A report by UBS analyst Matt Ryan confirms that digital wagering down under now accounts for more than two thirds of gaming turnover. Estimates are that digital wagering grew 23 percent on the first half of 2017 with the retail channel falling around 6 percent during the same period. The most downloaded app is Sportsbet who continue to be the most downloaded app since 2014 with a 31 percent share. Tabcorp was in second place with 20% market share and William Hill had 15%. Ryan said that tracking iOS app download share across the wagering operators and comparing these downloads to digital market share suggested some correlation. These figures are particularly impressive as Australian licensed operators were compelled to suspend their online in-play sports betting services last…

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