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Pennsylvania Introduces Bill To Legalize Sports Betting

The state of Pennsylvania is considered by many the next U.S. state which will probably legalize online gambling.  In another sign of their progressive approach the Gaming and Oversight Committee in the US state’s House of Representatives have introduced House Bill 519 that will enable Pennsylvania to offer legal sports betting pending federal approval. This is where it is different from the State of New Jersey who tried directly to override existing Federal law, namely the Professional and Amateur Sports protection Act (PASPA) that bans single games wagering in all states but Nevada. The Bill authored by Rep. Robert Matzie passed unanimously with a 24-0 and now moves on the House for full consideration. In terms of the bill license fees will be set at $5m up front and have a renewal fee of $250,000 for every three year period. If the bill passes sports betting will be made legal and available to all players over the age of 21. DFS is not included in the existing bill but is covered by a separate piece of legislation that is already in consideration. This latest Bill follows Bill 524 SB 477 and HB 392 which were all aimed at a possible legalization of online…

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NYX Records “Transformational Year” With 213% Revenue Increase

NYX Gaming group have just released their 2016 revenues and Chief Executive Matt Davey is describing the year they had as ”transformational” for the company. Figures released for revenues ending December 31 2016 shows an increase of 213% on 2015 to come in at $163.7 million. If you exclude the impact of OpenBet, Cryptologic and Chartwell this represents a 46.8 percent increase. Davey was delighted with the figures and said,” This was a transformational year for NYX; with the integration of OpenBet now substantially complete, we are ideally positioned as a leading provider of sportsbook, gaming technology, and NextGen content to the regulated gaming market. Since the beginning of 2017, our new operating model has been delivering an improved cost structure that, combined with our growth strategy, will result in increased operating leverage.” Despite the 213% revenue spike, NYX reported a net loss of $57.9m in 2016 which as attributed to restructuring and acquisition costs. In terms of new customers, NYX launched 14 on their OGS while signing a further 16 new customer agreements its Open Platform System. According to NYX they have around 24 customers in the pipeline as of December 31 and have signed an additional 11 on Q1 of 2017. As for their development of content, NYX launched 27 new games in…

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Nevada Still Has Highest Gambling Addiction Problem in U.S.

The problem of gambling addiction is a more than just a social problem but is also a major concern for casino operators. Contrary to popular belief all reputable casinos do not want to see people losing control over their spending habits and would rather see increased numbers of players wagering within their means. The expansion of online gambling in the U.S. beyond the current three states is largely dependent on gambling proponents convincing the legislators that gambling addiction will remain a manageable problem and not become the norm if and when more online and regular casino gambling is permitted in their states. A study by financial fitness firm Wallethub gives some interesting insights to the scope of gambling addiction in the U.S. Worthwhile remembering that according to the National Council on problem Gambling, compulsive gambling addictions cost over $6 billion a year with the average male gambler addict accumulating debts of between $50,000 and $90,000. Females are a lot less with average debts of $15,000. According to the latest Study Nevada once again remains the most gambling addicted state. Second place was South Dakota. What is most interesting is that  Hawaii ranked 39th on the overall addiction chart despite the fact that they along with Utah are the only two states where  all forms of gambling are illegal. On the other side of the spectrum is the state of Florida which has the lowest percentage of adults that were diagnosed with gambling addiction disorder. The rankings of the study are based on the availability of gambling options and the number of residents seeking treatment for gambling…

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Lottoland Grabs Up Large Chunk of Jumbo Interactive Shares

Gibraltar – based online lottery provider Lottoland is making waves again down under. According to reports in local media, a trade representing 7.1 percent of Jumbo Interactive issued equity was done by Petra Capital and Lottoland is believed to be the buyer. This is in line with Lottoland’s aim of making a serious impact on the lottery industry in Australia. Having launched there in January 2016, the local lottery operators are viewing Lottoland’s aggressive expansion plans with concern. Much like Camelot in the UK the traditional monopoly-like lottery companies are realizing that private lottery operators like Lottoland that generated over €300m in revenues last year are a growing threat to their customer base. It had reached a point that National lottery operators in the UK and Australia are looking to legislators to impose restrictions on companies like Lottoland who currently are able to sell cheaper lottery tickets and offer larger prizes but are not obligated to give portion of revenues to charities that regular lotteries are obliged to do so. This according to critics gives them an unfair advantage. What makes this latest move even more interesting is that Jumbo Interactive make most of their money from online lottery tickets it sells on the website OzLotteries operated under the license from Tatts Group. Jumbo Interactive is the ideal partner for an aggressive company like Lottoland who would be more than happy to gain market share of Jumbo’s 2 million…

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Australia Looking To Ban Gambling Advertising During Live TV Sports Events

It is no secret that Australians are the biggest gamblers on the planet as we have reported. According to the Australian newspaper the Australian federal government is poised to introduce legislation that will ban all forms of gambling advertising on television during live sports events. Communication Minister Mitch Fifield introduced the proposal to Cabinet on Tuesday. In terms of the ban all betting advertisements will be banned from “siren to siren”. The proposed move has got sporting bodies up in arms as they say this will affect their funding which is used for expanding grassroots sports. The fears are that this ban will drive punters to international websites and will not result in any reduction in gambling addiction but rather reductions in state and federal taxes. The major sporting bodies like the AFL ,NRL, and Cricket Australia are also putting pressure on Minister Fifield to amend the proposal to exempt betting ads on live sports broadcasts after 8:30 pm. They are also looking to secure guarantees that betting ads will be permitted in one-hour windows immediately preceding the live sports broadcasts. According to Standard Media Index the gambling industry spent over $216 million on advertising in 2016 of which $40 million was for online. Executive director of the Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports Malcolm Speed was also critical of the proposed plans. He said,” We don’t support a ban on sports betting advertising, on the basis that it is likely to impact on media rights deals or the value of media rights, which is the sports’ greatest asset. We operate in a highly-regulated system, where there are limits on placement of sports betting advertising. The sports have co-operated with broadcasters and the government to ban live odds during matches; so any restriction or prohibition will inevitably result in lowering investment in community and participation programs, and grassroots…

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