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Bookmakers Up In Arms Over Latest Report Looking To Restrict FOBTs

The issue of FOBTs has been a political hot potato on the UK for years. These machines are often referred to as the “crack cocaine” of gambling and calls to decrease the betting stakes have been floated around for years. The latest uproar is coming from the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB)  who arecalling for an urgent inquiry into the report by the FOBTs All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) who are expected to call for a £2 per spin maximum stake to be imposed on all FOBTs. The ABB is naturally up in arms and is calling he report “ deeply flawed’ and went on to say that the report is funded by groups that have a vested interest in seeing FOBTs disappear. They went on to say that the possible new regulations could result in many jobs lost in an industry that is already facing many challenges. CEO of the ABB, Malcolm George said,” It is a deeply flawed report funded by vested interests who would directly benefit if its recommendations are ever implemented. The report is the view of a tiny group of anti-betting shop MPs.  This group has been financed by those with interests in the casino, arcade and pub industries. Britain’s bookmakers employ more than 43,000 staff and contribute over £1 billion a year in taxes. But, betting shops are already closing at the rate of more than 100 a year and if the findings of this rigged report are implemented, it could spell the beginning of the end for the High Street…

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DraftKings To Expand Into EU with Malta Gaming Licence

DraftKings has made another move that will enable it to expand in Europe. They have just received a Controlled Skill Games license from the Malta Gaming Authority which will enable them to expand into a lot of countries in the European Union. The MGA has been at the forefront of providing progressive gambling licenses like the “Controlled Skill Games’ licence under which DFS falls under. This differentiates it from gambling and the license is valid for five years. Licensees are required to pay an annual fee of €8,500 as well as a 5% tax on gaming revenue with total tax payable capped at €466k annually. The MGA new skill games approach is aimed at preventing criminality while protecting consumers. DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins said that they would increase their staff in Malta and grow their European operations. DraftKings are hoping to add to their UK entry which is still in its early stages. The U.S. remains its core business despite many legal challenge sin the last few years. The idea is that the expansion into the European Union will help DraftKings make DFS a popular pastime like in the US. Chief International Officer for DraftKings, Jeffrey Haas also told the Wall Street Journal that they were hopeful to launch in Germany by the end of…

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New Jersey Calls On President Trump To Oppose Efforts to Curb Online Gambling

The state of New Jersey is one of three U.S states where online gambling is legal, Last year the Garden State saw record online gambling revenues of $198 million in casino win, of which $29.5m went to tax revenues for the state. With newly elected President Donald Trump in office, gambling interests are looking for guarantees from Trump that there will be no moves to curb online gambling in the US. As we reported extensively there have been calls to amend the Wire Act of 1961 with the “Restoration of America’s Wire Act” that would see a change in the status quo of internet gambling. Trump himself has been heavily involved in casino on New Jersey and elsewhere and New Jersey lawmakers are looking to pass a resolution that would urge President Trump to oppose any action that would prohibit sates for authorizing and conducting internet gambling. The resolution was passed by a vote of 7-0 through the New Jersey Assembly Tourism, Gaming and the Artist committee today. The bill points out the negative impact a possible ban on internet gambling could have on the Garden State. Recent comments by Attorney General Jeff Sessions have also set off alarm bells. Sessions recently stated that he would want to take another look at the ruling that paved the way for internet gambling in New…

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FanDuel Urges Florida Residents To Voice Support For DFS To Legislators

FanDuel are urging Florida residents to voice their opinion to local legislators ahead of a scheduled Senate Committee hearing which will discuss an overhaul of a gambling bill that could amongst other things legalize DFS in the Sunshine state. FanDuel sent an email to Florida users with a link that enables them to send a message to legislators. The email states that a new bill has been introduced that would update Florida’s laws and recognize DFS as a game of skill which would ensure it remains legal. A few weeks ago Sen. Bill Galvano introduced SB 8 which would cover a range of issues varying from tribal compacts to gas pump lottery sales. DFS would fall under this as SB8 would create an Office of Amusements within the Department of Business and Professional Regulation that would oversee DFS activity. These regulations include license fees of $500k and annual renewal of $100k. FanDuel says the current laws are outdated and do not keep up with current technology. They are urging legislators not to deny millions of Florida residents the right to engage in DFS. This latest move is yet another battle that DFS operators have ben facing in the last year as they are having to convince regulators that DFS is not a game of chance like gambling but rather…

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Google Rejected 1.7 Billion Ads in 2016 Including Gambling Sector

Internet giant Google has released data on the number of their ads that were blocked in 2016. The findings are significant as Google has turned down over 1.7 billion ads that violated one of their policies. This increase is more than double that of 2015 and much more than the 130 million in 2011. Advertisers use google as a main source for targeting potential clients. Gambling companies are just one of these sectors that spend millions of dollars in ads aimed at increasing their customer base. With gambling ads however there are many more restrictions and regulations that need to be considered in different countries as Google frequently removes ads targeting gamblers in countries where this is not allowed. According to Google’s director of product management for sustainable ads, Scott Spencer, Google has both expanded ads it will not allow as well as improved technology to discover and disable unwanted ads faster. Google went on to elaborate on ads that were removed last year, and said in a blog,” Some of the most common bad ads we find online are ads promoting illegal activities or products. Although we’ve long had a policy against bad ads for pharmaceuticals, last year our systems detected an increase online. We disabled more than 68 million bad ads for healthcare violations, up from 12.5 million in 2015. Similarly, we saw more attempts to advertise gambling-related promotions without proper authorization from regulators in the countries they operate. We took down more than 17 million bad ads for illegal gambling violations in…

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