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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Vows To Ban All Online Gambling

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte continues to make waves and this time his crusade is for the banning of online gambling in the country. This comes shortly after his recent crackdown on Chinese nationals who were accused of running illegal online gambling operations. The claims were that over 1300 Chinese Nationals were part of an illegal scheme. Duterte now has stated that he plans on banning online gambling throughout the country. The exact time of when the ban would come into place was not announced when Duterte brought up the topic in his budget presentation for 2017. Duterte stated that the reason for the proposed ban on illegal gambling was the fact that the youth were participating in gambling and there was no proper method for the government to collect taxes effectively. He said,” I was mad because even the youth are gambling and there was no way of collecting the proper taxes,” Duterte said at the time. I will restore online (gambling) provided taxes are correctly collected, and they are situated or placed in districts where gambling is allowed, which means to say, not close to churches or…

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Phil Ivey Ordered To Return $10.1 Million to Borgata Casino

We have reported in the past on players like celebrities like Ben Affleck been banned from playing blackjack in certain casinos as he apparently has the ability to count cards. The controversy over that incident raised the question again as how casinos aggressively ban anyone using a skill and intellect from winning. A similar case in point is that of professional Poker player Phil Ivey who has just been ordered to return $10 million he won at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City. Ivey and companion player Chen Yin Sun were ordered by the federal judge to return the money as they did not follow the gambling regulations on four occasions in 2012 when playing Baccarat. The pair were ordered to return the $10.1 million by US District Judge Noel Hillman and to restore the status quo before they began gambling at the Borgata. The Borgata claimed that the pair exploited a defect in the pattern of the cards that gave them an unfair advantage to arrange good cards. The claim is that the pattern in the cards were defective and not uniform. Ivey and Chen picked up on this and asked the dealer to arrange the cards in a certain way which is permitted under the rules of the game. The judge ruled that this was in violation of the Casino Control Act and their contractual obligation to abide by it by gambling in the casino. Attorney for the pair hit back at the claims and said that,” What this ruling says is a player is prohibited from combining skill and intellect and visual acuity to beat the casino at its own game.” Ivey is set to appeal the…

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American Gaming Association Sends Wish List To President Elect Trump

Donald trump’s victory in the U.S. elections will go down as one of the most surprising and memorable results in recent history. The unpredictable real estate mogul has got everyone guessing as to his next outburst as the world has seen there is nothing the Donald will not say. The casino industry is waiting see what Trump who has plenty of experience in the industry himself will do for the expansion or halting of online gambling growth in the US. A report in Associated Press discussed this issue with the American Gaming Association who sent President elect Trump a letter with certain requests. These included fewer regulations, approval of sports betting, crackdown on illegal gambling, tax reform and an immigration policy that will not be detrimental overseas workers in U.S. casinos. AGA’s Vice President Whitaker Askew pointed out that the Congress and Administration will make industry changing decisions in the coming years. On the topic of online gambling, most believe Trump will not give in to pressure by Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to ban it outright but will not push for expansion beyond the three states where it is currently legal. In the past Trump has remained on the fence on the issue of legalizing online gambling and said,” I have a lot of friends on both sides of the issue.” The topic of sports betting is much less controversial. We reported recently that most Amercians believe that it should be legalized merely for the fact that people are engaging in it anyways. There are also strong voices from the likes of NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who has made a turnaround on his stance which is that there is no way to stop it so you might as well regulate it. Trump on a Fox Sports 1 Interview in 2015 echoed these sentiments and said he would not oppose legalizing sports betting and daily fantasy sports. Trump said, “ I’m ok with it because it’s happening…

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Betfred Under Spotlight After Refusing to Payout £29,000 Jackpot

The integrity of online gambling websites is always a hot topic. We reported recently on the Competition and Markets Authority investigating complaints from the UK Gambling Commission on unfair practices from online gambling operator to players. These include misleading promotions and even allegations of restricting players that win big using math and logic. The latest case involving a disgruntled player is that of 24 year-old Jamie Gardiner from Liverpool who thought he had won a life changing £29,000 jackpot on the “Land of Gold” slot game on Betfred. Gardiner was playing the game and got three clovers followed by a popup message saying he had won £29,466.59. Needless to say Jamie already made plans to spend the money which included a mortgage and a nice holiday. Things started going wrong however when he noticed his balance was not updated. After speaking to the Betfred support team Jamie was notified that it was not a win but rather what he could have won. To add insult to injury they even claimed to have no record of the game even after Jamie sent them screenshots. Gardiner spends over £100 a week and believes it is like a kick in his face that Betfred will not honor what he believes was a win. He went so far as to say that “people would kill themselves over this.” Betfred are adamant that the customer would have needed to hit 3 four leafed clovers to land the jackpot and what popped up was what a customer could win and not a conformation of a win. Mistake or not, Betfred have withdrawn the game and will launch a review internally with the third party supplier of the game. Whatever the outcome will be, this is not the publicity the online gambling industry needs in the UK…

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Japanese Parliament Approves Law on Integrated Casinos

Japan took a major step forward towards creating legal casinos as Thursday saw the Japanese parliament approve a law on “integrated resorts” which will pave the way for the much talked about casino market in Japan. Japan is potentially seen as one of the largest casino markets in the world and could become the next Macau. As we reported in previous articles Japan is on the radar of many of the largest gambling companies in the world including the Sands Group and Wynn Resorts who are looking to setup shop there. The supporters of allowing casinos in Japan believe that it will boost tourism and entice wealthier travelers to the country. Opponents to the plans to legalize gambling cite the usual objections that include claims it will increase organized crime and result in gambling addiction. Japan as a whole are a conservative nation and it is widely accepted that the majority of people oppose any plan to introduce casinos in the country. The timing for the opening of the first casino in Japan is set to be delayed till around 2021 although there have been talks that it would coincide with the 2020 Olympic Games. The new legislation passed will give the green light to authorize the drafting of regulations that include the number of casinos, tax rates and restrictions on entry for Japanese nationals. This  law is expected to gain approval only in around a year. The cities bidding for casino licenses are Osaka, Yokohama and Tokyo. The stakes are high as the estimates are that the Japanese market could be worth $30 billion a year in gross revenue. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is the staunchest supporter of the legislation and he believes that gambling would make up a very small proportion of the total business from the integrated resorts which would combine hotels, convention space, theme parks and shopping malls. The idea is to attract investment and create jobs. If all goes well Japan could become the largest gambling market behind…

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