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Zynga Accuses Two Former Employees Of Stealing Sensitive Data

Social gaming giant Zynga is suing two senior former employees who are accused of stealing confidential information and taking it to their new employers. Massimo Maietti and Ehud Barlach were senior Zynga employees who left in July and September this year to rival social gaming startup Scopely who are known for their Wheel of Fortune free Play and Dice with Buddies titles. Zynga is accusing the two of taking large amounts of private data with them from Zynga. In addition they are also accused of recruiting former colleagues to jump ship and join them at Scopely. Zynga has carried out forensic examinations of the pair’s activities and said that Maietti used a Google chrome browser on this Zynga issued laptop to access a Zynga Google Drive account where he downloaded folders to an externa USB device. Over 20,000 files and folders were found in Maietti’s trash in an effort supposedly to cover his tracks. Barlach is accused of similar data copying violations and also acting as an advisor to Scopely recruiters on which staff to recruit and target from Zynga. A response from Zynga was nor forthcoming but Scopely recruiter Christina Dunbar said,” “Thanks!! I was saving that for your first day! LOL I would be happy to hear about anyone you think I should be trying to speak with. Obviously I know you have that clause about not taking people so I am always careful….

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Teddy Sagi Sells Off 10 Percent of Playtech Shares

The largest shareholder and founder of the world’s largest online gambling provider Playtech is selling off a major share of his holdings in the company. Teddy Sagi who owns Brickington Trading which is the largest shareholder in Playtech is selling off 32.3 million shares of the company. This represents 10 percent of the company’s float and leaves Sagi holding 33.6 percent of the voting rights of Playtech. Brickington Trading has agreed to not sell any more shares for a period of 180 days. The idea being the offload of the shares is for Sagi to diversify his investment portfolio but it will still mean that he is the largest shareholder of the company with about 23 percent. Sagi’s fortune is estimated at around £2.4 billion before the sale. Sagi has in recent years diversified his investments that include London Camden Market as well as majority shareholder of online service provider SafeCharge and web browser optimizer…

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China Voices Concern Over Philipinnes’ Crackdown of Illegal Online Gambling

President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines has sparked outrage in the Western world over his controversial statements and polices regarding issues like his anti-narcotics campaign. The latest superpower to feel Duterte’s policies is that of China. Over 1,200 Chinese nationals were arrested in the Philippines for operating a call like centre that is alleged to have run online gambling operations from a former U.S. air base, Clark field. Online gambling in the Philippines is legal only in permitted zones and with the right permits. The latest roundup of the Chinese officials could well put a strain on the already problematic relationship between China and the Philippines. Chinese officials are insisting that the Philippines make appropriate arrangements for these detained and release all individuals who have legal identification. Of the ,1200 detained it remains unclear how many were related to illegal online gambling or offences related to visa and immigration violations. This latest incident comes at a time that President Duterte has made efforts to get closer to the Chinese government and even stated at a recent Asia- Pacific summit that he would be happy to join Russian and China in a “New World…

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Online Gambling Accounts for 33% Of all Gambling In the UK

The UKGC has just released numbers from the 12 month period between April 2015 and March 2016. The most interesting numbers were those of online gambling revenues which now account for 33% of all gambling in the UK. For the period between April 2015 and March 2016 online gambling operators generated a Gross Gambling Yield of £4.5 billion. The size of online gambling in the UK means that it is now the largest sector even surpassing the National Lottery who generated £3.4 billion for the same period and the £3.3 billion by the high street. The traditional casino sector generated around £1 billion. The £4.5 billion generated by online gambling is broken down into £2.6 billion from casino games, £1.6 billion from betting, £152million from betting exchanges, £153million from bingo and £26 million from pool betting. Online slot machine style games alone generated £1.8billion. Programme Director of the UKGC, James Green commented on the latest figures,” Our latest statistics show that with the growth in online gambling the industry is increasingly taking a creative approach to using technology to engage consumers. As the online sector grows operators will also need to demonstrate that they are taking an equally innovative approach to ensuring gambling is safe for all online consumers.” While last year alone over £437 million went to the Treasury’s coffers, critics are voicing concerns at the growing numbers if people with severe gambling problems which has doubled in the last three years to reach 336,000. Added to this are the critics of the FOBTs knows as the crack cocaine of gambling that made up £1.75 billion of total revenues…

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PokerStars Release Social Casino App Casino Rush

The social casino market is huge and every respectable real money gaming company has to have a presence in this market if they wish to engage younger audiences. While we all know the dominance of the likes of Playtika, Double Down and Zynga, other big gaming companies like PokerStars are joining the party. The world’s largest poker company PokerStars announced the launch of their fast paced casino poker game called Casino Rush that will be available on android and iOS devices. The background for the game is interesting as it was created by Zynga’s former social casino director Lloyd Melnick about a year and a half ago. One of the main problems with poker is it is perceived as slightly outdated for mobile devices and need to be revamped. The idea behind Casino Rush according to PokerStars is to remove the intimidation factor of people that have not played poker before and make a version of poker for the Clash of Clans and Candy Crush audience. For this Casino Rush is designed to provide a fast paced session that evolves with existing and potential players alike. Director of Social Gaming Lloyd Melnick said,” We spent a lot of time assessing the social casino market, what was missing and what players wanted. Our analysis found that our social players want a poker experience that they can enjoy quickly whether or not they are connected to the Internet. That’s why we created Casino Rush. It is the best of poker, casino and slots all fused into one great game, just what gamers in 2016 are looking…

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