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Las Vegas Lawsuit Exposes Underworld Of Chinese Highrollers

The crackdown on corruption in Macau has resulted in many Chinese high rollers looking to gamble in the U.S. where they are under less scrutiny. In an effort to avoid being identified there is a system of shills who operate in Las Vegas casinos like the Venetian and Palazzo in less talked about exclusive baccarat rooms. The inner workings of this largely unreported underworld was highlighted recently when the Las Vegas Sands tried to collect on gambling debts to the tune of $6.4 million by baccarat players. The most interesting part of the story is the defense of the two alleged gamblers Xiufei Yang and Meie Sun who through their attorneys claimed that they were indeed simple housekeepers and far from high rollers. They are what is known as shills who act as a front for the real gamblers who choose to remain anonymous as to avoid scrutiny back home and in the U.S. It is alleged that this practice is well known to Sands officials who were well aware of the practice which allowed millions to be taken out in credit by the shills and handed over to the real gamblers who were sitting nearby. The attorneys for the accused two claimed that all charges should be dropped as it is clearly known by all sides that the real money was intended only for the high rollers and the women were simple victims. Baccarat is one of the most popular games for Asian gamblers and over the last decade makes up 40% of the take from all the games on the Strip. It is estimated that Asians make up as much as 90% of baccarat gambling in Las Vegas with the Chinese making up the majority. Also in terms of high rollers, Asians make around 75% of this vital sector according to industry experts. The legal battle as to who is ultimately responsible for gambling debts will continue but these revelations on the inner circle of high stakes gamblers gives us a fascinating insight into the back rooms far away from the packed casino floors most of us…

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DraftKings Under Fire Again For Suspect Contest Win

Another mini scandal is plaguing DFS giant DraftKings as a recent winner of the shared $1 million first prize in their Millionaire contest last weekend is under scrutiny for colluding with other users and violating the company guidelines. DraftKings’ Fantasy Football Millionaire contest is their most prestigious competition and and elicits a lot of interest. The latest scandal centers around one winner of Sunday’s contest being able to circumvent the site’s entry limits and level of cooperation they had with other players. Participants in the Millionaire contest pick lineups for the national Football League players and the team that accumulated the most points based on real world results wins the prizes. The winners of Sunday’s contest drew a lot attention on social media as one of the winners known as “papagates” is the brother of another player who won in a previous Millionaire contest. Allegations quickly surfaced of collusion between the brothers. Head of compliance for DraftKings , Jennifer Aguiar was quick to react and said,” We are in the process of an ongoing investigation. She was quick to state that no wrongdoing was determined as of yet but ,” If you are sharing lineups for the purpose of—for the lack of a better word—gaming the system, that is unacceptable.” The two brothers deny any collusion and said they were “stunned and obviously very upset” that others believed they had violated the…

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Ohio Considers DFS Regulation Again

The status of DFS in the state of Ohio is once again under the spotlight. Senator Bill Coley introduced the SB 356 bill that looks to classify DFS as a game of chance and not skill which opens up the door for a lot of problems for DraftKings and FanDuel. In terms of the bill DFS sites will fall under the authority of the Ohio Casino Control Commission which opens them up to regulation by the state regulator. Coley’s SB 356 Bill is also problematic for DFS operators as it makes it illegal for them not to return 100 percent of entry fees to players in a contest. Coley also stated that this would also apply to eSports. Needless to say both FanDuel and DraftKings were not impressed by Coley’s interpretation of the law and released a joint statement saying that they are working on updating Ohio’s laws to reflect the changes in technology. Spokesman for the two companies, Marc La Vorgna said,” Sen. Coley is completely on an island — isolated from Ohioans who love fantasy sports and isolated from his caucus where he has no support for his attempt to ban fantasy sports. Just this year, eight states have already passed laws affirming millions of fantasy sports fans can continue to play. These policies have been vetted, proven and established and we hope Ohio is the next state on the…

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Germany Concerned Over Migrant Gambling Addiction Problems

The ongoing refugee crisis in Europe and especially Germany is causing unexpected problems for authorities who are now having to deal with the issue of online gambling addiction on the part of desperate immigrants. Germany had taken in over 1 million refugees mainly from Syrian and Afghanistan and which many of them are desperate to change their economic situation via drastic means. Three German states are now behind a video that highlights the dangers of online gambling by immigrants. The dangers highlighted include high street casinos as well as in turf accountants. There are reports of immigrants spending their entire subsistence money on a single bet in the hope of improving their plight. The states of Thuringia, Lower Saxony and Hesse will broadcast the warning video on Arabic, Turkish and German. The video will highlight the dangers of reckless betting in the hope of winning big to improve their lives. Further fueling the problem of gambling addiction within the migrant community in Germany is the availability of betting offices who serve complimentary food to their customers. Adding to the difficulty of tackling the problem is that many migrants do not report the problem as there is a stigma attached to gambling…

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Another Bill Introduced To Ban Online Gambling In U.S.

With the U.S. election campaign in its critical stages no opportunity is being missed by interested parties to bring up controversial issues. It comes as no surprise that another attempt has been made by Republican Senator Tom Cotton  to prohibit financial institutions from processing Internet gambling transactions. The quietly filed S.3376 bill was introduced by Sen. Tom Cotton and co-sponsored by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Mike Lee. This latest bill is basically a revamped version of the Adelson backed Restoration of America’s Wire Bill Act bill that was introduced by Sen. Graham in 2015. The timing of the bill is very suspect as it comes just a day after it was revealed that billionaire Sheldon Adelson donated $20 million to a super PAC closely related to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell. The fact that this latest bill was introduced by three republican senators’ smells of political interference which is nothing new to Adelson. The wording of the bill is very short and seeks “to ensure the integrity of laws enacted to prevent the use of financial instruments for funding or operating online casinos are not undermined by legal opinions not carrying the force of law issued by the federal government lawyers.” It remains to be seen if this will be buried away after the…

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