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Vantiv Bailing Out Of US Daily Fantasy Market

We reported a while ago on online payment processor Vantiv stopping to take payments from New York DFS players due to the AG’s legal battle with operators in the state. It is now been reported in the New York Times that they have already informed DraftKings and FanDuel that they will be suspending all processing for payment transactions for DFS throughout the US effective as of Feb.29. This is yet another blow for the daily fantasy sector market that is still reeling from the seemingly endless onslaught from all sides. In a statement Vantiv tried to give the impression their move maybe a temporary one but it is clear that they are feeling the pressure. Their statement said they are, “firmly committed to the online gaming and fantasy gaming segments” and will continue to work with stakeholders for “a long-term solution to the ongoing DFS controversy.” But until there is “better clarity and long-term certainty around the regulatory and judicial landscape.” Vantiv also made it clear the number of state Attorney Generals joining the anti DFS bandwagon and who have succeeded in legally arguing the case against DFS operators is a factor in their decision. DraftKings will certainly fight Vantiv’s latest move. What makes things even more unclear is that DraftKings Attorney, David Boles said that Vantiv” has not told DraftKings that it plans to cease fulfilling its contractual obligations as of ‘Feb. 29, 2016’ (or any other date). Secondly, Vantiv is under court order to continue to fulfill its contractual obligation to…

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Social Casino Player Numbers Down But Loyal Players Spending Up

The social casino market has experienced boom times in the last few years which certainly silences the critics who at the start could of the industry not understand how IGT could pay $500 million to acquire Double Down Interactive. Since then there is little doubting the cash cow so called free- to-play casino games can actually be. Recently released data by market researchers SuperData shows that while the number of active layers declined by 13% in 2015 the remaining number of players are spending more than ever with user engagement at a record high. It is all about quality and not quantity of players according the latest data as the top 10 social casino publishers control over 81% of the market. This is up from 69% only two years ago. Another finding was the link between VIP programs and increased revenues going together. The top five publishers who had VIP reward programs in place earned a staggering 68% more revenue in December that those without. SuperData also addressed the problem with annoying ads which is a major turnoff for players. It was suggested that bonuses like in-game currency could make this problem a lot more bearable for players who opt- in for ads. Another point was the fact that publishers who had a fuller suite of games were much more popular on desktop devices as mobile players tended to engage in much shorter…

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DFS Sector Fighting Back In California

The legal battle as to whether daily fantasy sports is legal or not is heating up. At first it seemed that DFS operators like DraftKings and FanDuel were shell shocked by the onslaught from legislators like New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The approach seems to have gone from defense to offence as the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) is showing in the state of California. Assembly Bill 1437 was passed earlier this month by the Assembly Governmental Organization Committee by 17-1. In terms of the bill DFS operators would be allowed to operate in California once they have obtained licenses from the California Department of Justice. This was too much for Assemblyman Marc Levine who like other opportunistic legislators claim that DFS is nothing more than gambling as there is an entry fee, a wager and gambling winnings. He went on to say that DFS operators are the same as bookies. The FSTA is not taking Levine’s campaign to ban DFS in California lying down and has called on citizens of the California to take action to protect DFS. They also took it to a personal level with Levine and aid,” State legislators are working to protect your rights to play fantasy football – but not Assemblyman Marc Levine. He’s the politician who wants to ban fantasy football in California. If Assemblyman Marc Levine wants to vote no on fantasy football, maybe we should be voting no on Marc Levine.” Levine fired back by saying that DFS operators were using fear tactics in order to rush though legislation effort that would allow them to operate…

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EU Looking To Monitor And Not Regulate Virtual Currencies

The volatile world of digital or virtual currencies like bitcoin have been the subject of much controversy in the last few years. As a whole the concept of cryptocurrencies is still largely misunderstood by a lot of governments who have yet to adopt a clear policy as to implementing safeguards and regulations to protect consumers. The much publicized collapse of one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges Mt. Gox a few year ago showcased the volatility that this industry has become synonymous with. In a statement today The European Union says they would adopt a policy of monitoring and not regulating virtual currencies for now as they still only amount to a fraction of what the global foreign exchange markets generate. It is estimated that bitcoin accounts for 90% of virtual currency transactions which are estimated to be around $7 billion annually. This is a fraction of the estimated $5 trillion of global foreign exchange markets. Currently there are over 600 digital currencies and concerns of money laundering and funding terrorism are always been linked to virtual currencies as they are not controlled by a central body but rather in the anonymous online world. Financial services official for the EU’s European Commission, Olivier Salles re-iterated their cautions approach to rush in and regulate without learning more about the sector. He said,” It’s easy to fail when you regulate, you can be too early and too late. From the European Commission’s perspective, we are more on the monitoring side. We want to understand better what is…

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Irish Lottery Falls Victim To DDoS Attack

The risk of DDoS attacks to the gambling world are nothing to be taken lightly. We have previously reported the dangers of online hackers taking down a website at a peak time and using this tactic to blackmail companies into paying hush money. Another recent case in point was the Irish National Lottery which is just another major online operation to fall victim to cyber thieves. With a €12m prize, unknown hackers succeeded in keeping the website down for over two hours while also taking down the lottery terminals in retail shops. Retail lottery terminals were hit around 11:20 am and were offline for about 90 minutes. Now as we have covered in the past, the timing of a DDoS attack is usually at peak times for the operator and is often accompanied by a threat to disrupt service if a cash sum is not paid to the hackers. Whether this happened with the Irish Lottery is not known but spokesman for the Irish Lottery operator, PLI said in a statement that the company’s security system had succeeded in “limiting disruption and restoring all operations within two hours and at no point was the National Lottery gaming system or player data affected.” The draw went ahead as…

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