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DraftKings Continues TV Ad Spending Spree

As we reported a few days ago, daily fantasy sport giant DraftKings is going all out to utilize the money received in recent funding to go ahead with a tv media blitz ahead of the NFL season kickoff. In fact they have now spent over $15 million in the last seven days and which according to Kantar Media is more than they spent in the entire 2014. Currently the daily fantasy market is controlled mostly by DraftKings and FanDuel who reportedly control about 90% of the market. Both companies have entered into sponsorship deals with all the major sports franchises, major sports leagues and sporting arenas in an effort to block any attempt by new competitors like Yahoo and Amaya from competing on their level for market share. Both DraftKings and FanDuel are playing it cool and publicly believe that they are unfazed by the aggressive marketing and acquisition moves of each company. While FanDuel is reportedly the largest player in the DFS sector anyone following the rapid expansion of DraftKings into areas like the UFC , NASCAR and now overseas markets will have to concede they have significantly closed the gap. In a recent interview in ocregister, DraftKings CEO Jason Robbins was not shy to point this out to their rivals FanDuel. He said,” Naturally, someone is going to be the best. I do think it’s tough sitting in FanDuel’s seat, when you got there first, and you watch DraftKings taking away market share, taking away market share, then just pass…

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Washington State Confirms Illegality Of DFS Within State Boundaries

The question as to whether daily fantasy sports is real money gambling is far from settled. While most U.S. states permit fantasy sports there are a few states like Washington State that not only forbid bans fantasy sports but also will actively go after those engaging in this ever popular pastime. With the NFL season about to kick off, the Washington State Gambling Commission has sent out a friendly reminder to tie citizens that daily fantasy sports still fall under the ban of RCW 9.46.240 that prohibits online gambling in Washington State. In terms of the Washington State Constitution all gambling activities are prohibited unless specifically authorized by the State law. According to Washington State law ass online gambling is illegal and this prohibition includes, operating an Internet gambling site, online gambling, installing or maintain equipment to send or receive gambling information and facilitating Internet gambling in any way. The Commission went on to explain that despite the fact that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) provides an exemption for fantasy sports, it does not alter the state law which prohibits fantasy sports betting, “Fantasy sports wagering falls under Washington State law’s definition of gambling – risking something of value on the outcome of a contest of chance or a future contingent event not under the person’s control or influence to receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome.Fantasy sports wagering usually takes place online and online gambling is not authorized in Washington State (RCW…

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Gamblers Anonymous Considers Adding Fantasy Sports To List Of Combo Book

The debate over whether daily fantasy sports is the same as real money gambling or not has yet to be decided. As it stands most U.S. states allows DFS operators to work as they do not fall under the restrictions of real money gambling as they are based on skill and not luck. Critics are quick to point out that when the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel reward players with millions in real cash, the argument over whether DFS is gambling is void. A report this week coming out of a NBC affiliate in Washington will potentially further fuel the debate. According to the report Gamblers Anonymous is in the process of considering fantasy sports to its Combo Book recovery guide which is a list of activities that compulsive gamblers must avoid. Gamblers Anonymous members are encouraged to carry the Combo Book on themselves at all times and some of the activities listed there include trading stocks, bingo, raffles, office sports pools. To add fantasy sports to the Combo Book requires two separate votes of the GA ‘s international trustees. It will have to be seen if this proposal is taken seriously but once again the mere mention of fantasy sports alongside real money gambling will do no favors for operators who continue to insist that it has nothing to do with…

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Dutch Online Gambling Set To Increase By 7.6% In 2015

Interesting figures were released by Dutch online gaming authority Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). According to their figures the online gaming market in the Netherlands is set to grow this year by 7.6% and will be worth about €296 million in 2015.The online gaming sector represents about 13% of the overall gaming sector. In terms of online players, there are about 437k Dutch residents who engage in online gambling. Most online players are male and range from the ages between 20 and 35. Of those about 44% have college degrees which is more than the overall Dutch population which is around 28%. When it comes to problematic gamblers, the KAS maintains that 83% of online gamblers are not at risk at all in terms of gambling addictions while 11% were considered at risk of some sort of problematic gambling. Online player’s actually demonstrating problematic behavior was in the 5.3% mark. The much talked about Remote Gambling Bill in the process of being passed in the Netherlands and is expected to be law in 2017. The KAS is looking to ensure legal operators become the norm and believe that for this to happen a 20% online tax revenues is optimal. They also point out that over 17% of Dutch online gamblers would prefer to gamble on sites endorsed by the…

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DraftKings Spending More Than McDonald’s On TV Advertising This Week

To get an idea of just how big daily fantasy sports companies like DraftKings and FanDuel are, one only has to look at the amount of money they are spending on television advertising. A report in CalvinAyre points out the’s rankings which showed DraftKings as being the seventh highest spender on television advertising in the last 7 days with about $9.5 million spent. This was even more than global brands like McDonald’s, Nissan and Verizon. As we have reported extensively the marketing of DraftKings and FanDuel is key to their expansion in one of the most highly hyped markets around. With the NFL season set to kick off soon, DraftKings is pulling out all the stops to ensure they put the millions raised to good use. As reported DraftKings signed a deal with ESPN which reportedly requires them to spend $500 million in the next three years. DraftKings and FanDuel are in new territory as they have to contend with new players in the daily fantasy market like Yahoo and Amaya Gaming who have unlimited resources backing them in a user acquisition war that will determine who dominates the DFS market. The potential for the DFS sector to grow both in the U.S. and globally has go everyone touting this market as the one to watch in the gaming world. While DraftKings are still smaller than their arch rivals FanDuel their aggressive marketing and acquisition spree has got them the publicity they need to close the gap. Added to that is their recent UK entry which will see them one step ahead of…

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