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Arcade Style Video Games Coming To Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas has in the past few years transformed itself into an entertainment destination in addition to still being a gambling Mecca. Gambling revenues especially slots have declined in the last few years and casinos are looking to attract newer and younger audiences. The classic slot machines have their appeal to the older generation but younger audiences are used to advance graphics and top of the line games which are readily available on any smart device. Casinos and lawmakers are aware of the need to replace the older gaming audience and have come up with the idea of introducing arcade 0style video games that would payout real cash but based on a gambler’s skill in the game. Young players are used to their Xbox and PlayStation and would certainly choose these arcade style games over slots according to many. Earlier this year interested bodies like the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers pushed for a Nevada law aimed at regulation these new types of skill based games. Nevada has over 150000 slot machines which all depend solely on luck and not on skill. Nevada casinos need a new revenue sources to make up for the 20 percent decline in slot revenues in the last few years. The idea behind the move is not to replace the slots but rather offer them as an option on the casino floor with perhaps a disc jockey and bar nearby in a club like atmosphere. The new regulations and rules are expected to be ready by October for the Nevada Gaming Commission to approve. New Jersey has already adopted regulations to allow skill based games but only one digital games has so far been submitted and is waiting…

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Phil Mickelson Linked To Illegal Money Laundering Scheme

The issue of illegal sports betting is the U.S. is a contentious one. Currently sports betting is officially only legal in the state of Nevada but with fantasy sports betting thriving with companies like DraftKings and FanDuel, many point out the fact that in reality this is a legal form of sports betting. In an interesting story it was reported that five time PGA Tour Major Champion Phil Mickelson has been linked according to ESPN to wiring nearly $3 million to “an illegal gambling operation which accepted and placed bets on sporting events.” According to reports Gregory Silveira of La Quinta ran an offshore gambling operation and plead guilty of laundering nearly 3 million of money which allegedly belonged to Phil Mickelson. The money was laundered from an “unnamed gambling client” between February 2010 and February 2013. Silveira faces up to 60 years in prison and will be sentenced on October 5. Mickelson is unlikely to be charged as federal law focuses on those running the gambling operations and not the source of the money. Mickelson has been under fire from the PGA tour for gambling before when he wagered $25 at 20 to 1 that Jim Furyk would sink a…

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Marco Rubio Under Fire For Backing Sheldon Adelson’s Gambling Bill

Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson is well known for having deep pockets when it comes to supporting political candidates that toe the line. It was reported that he spent over $100 million in the 2012 presidential race with his backing of Mitt Romney. His anti-online gambling stance and attempts to pass legislation to would halt the spread of online gambling in the U.S. are well documented. This week one of his staunchest supports and presidential candidate Marco Rubio was grilled by journalists as to his enthusiasm to sponsor a bill that Adelson has been pushing for. The Florida Senator had been aggressively seeking the support and endorsement of Adelson as the presidential race heats up. Rubio signed in as a co-sponsor if the bill on Wednesday which got many asking the obvious question as to where his true intentions lie. Rubio himself was quick to deny the claims that his sponsorship of the bill was an attempt to gain favor in Adelson’s eyes. He was adamant and said,” People buy into my agenda. I don’t buy into theirs. When I run for office, I tell people where I stand … My stands are not influenced by my contributors; I hope my stands influence my contributors.” He went on to state that his anti-gambling stance is not new and goes back to when he was Speaker of the Florida State House. Cynics are quick to point out that Rubio in the past was critical of Las Vegas yet recently he has had a change of heart. He said “Vegas is Lad Vegas”. They have a right in Las Vegas to have any gambling they want. They have laws. They have legislators. They can vote on what they want or don’t want. In Florida, I have a long history of opposing expansion of gambling. When you talk about online gambling, that comes into Florida. That is potentially people, including young people, who are going to go online and gamble and lose money. I just don’t believe that’s the right approach for our country.”  …

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NetEnt And Caesars Interactive Entertainment Partner Up In New Jersey

Caesars Interactive Entertainment got a boost in New Jersey with the announcement that leading online content provider NetEnt will be their new partners. In terms of the agreement NetEnt will offer their full site of casino games for both desktop and mobile. Initially they will be offered under the online brand of CIE in New Jersey, NetEnt’s deal with CIE is just the first step in them making a movie in the struggling New Jersey online gaming market. They have already applied for gaming license and are waiting for approval by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement to commence operations. Managing Director of NetEnt America, Bjorn Krantz commented on the new partnership with CIE,” We are excited to have partnered with CIE for the distribution of our best-in-class multichannel online casino games for the New Jersey market. I am confident that our games will be well received by players, and that our efforts to provide players with the ultimate gaming experience will support CIE’s strategy to build sustainable long term online casino growth.” Senior VP of CIE, Marco Ceccarelli gave their side of the new partnership,” CIE strives to offer its customers in New Jersey a diverse selection of the highest quality gaming content, and the inclusion of NetEnt’s titles in our portfolio provides us with another opportunity to deliver superior value to our…

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DrafKings Confirm ESPN Deal But Disney Drops Out

The pace at which the daily fantasy sports market is growing is nothing short of spectacular. The fact that only a few years ago this sector was largely unknown makes it is even more impressive. Added to that is the likes of powerhouses like Yahoo announcing their intention to get involved in the DFS market. As we stand the two main players are still DraftKings and their larger rivals FanDuel. We reported in April on Disney looking to possible invest $250 million in DraftKings. This deal had apparently fallen through but the good news is that Disney’s subsidiary ESPN is going ahead with their part of the deal. The exact details of the dal have not been announced but DraftKings CEO Jason Robins did confirm that both companies were in extended talks but the ESPN marketing deal did not include an equity investment. He said,” There were a number of discussions which resulted in us coming together with a deal that we thought made the most sense for both companies. ESPN and DraftKings are both very excited about the partnership,” ESPN spokeswoman Katin Arnold expressed their delight at the deal and said,” This is the deal that was the best strategic decision for our company.” Although the details of the deal were not disclosed, ESPN is the largest sports network in the world and DraftKings will be their exclusive daily fantasy sports provider which will give them access the their massive TV and Digital assets. ESPN has a lot to gain from the deal and already has over 12 million players in fantasy contests on their websites. To put things in perspective FanDuel took in $622 million in game fees in 2014. DraftKings reported taking in $304 million and boldly claim they will be paying over $1 billion on prizes this…

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