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Morgan Stanley Cuts U.S. Online Gambling Forecasts By Almost Half

The current state of online gambling in the U.S. is a far cry from what supporters of legalization predicted. The likes of Gov. Chris Christie was not shy to throw out estimates of $1 billion when asked what the value of the New Jersey online gambling market could be worth. The cold reality of the situation is that all three states in which online gambling is legal only generated about $135 million combined last year which is way under the initial $678 million forecast. Not too long ago Morgan Stanley estimated the U.S. online gambling market to be worth 45 billion by 2020. Their latest forecast is almost half of that as they now released a report stating that the value is closer to $2.7 billion. The report states that there are no states likely to legalize online gambling in 2015 but the good news is that big markets like California, New York,Pennsylvania and Illinois are expected to do so in the next few years.The firm said, “We continue to believe that there is a material runway for growth, but results have been disappointing. Legislative processes continue to be slow as lawmakers remain unconvinced that online gaming is currently worth the hassle for limited tax revenue.” Some of the reasons cited in the report for the poor performance include illegal offshore online betting, technological difficulties with geolocation software and even poor advertising. The possibility of a Federal ban on internet gambling is also not ruled out as the company wrote,” We believe a federal ban of online gaming is unlikely given legislators’ split views. However, a recent hearing in a House Judiciary subcommittee on (U.S. Rep.) Jason Chaffetz’s proposal for a ban suggests it could be gaining momentum. While the bill may advance out of committee, we believe it faces long odds of passing, especially without carve-outs for online lotteries and existing online gaming…

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Derby Games Launches Real Money Horse Racing App In U.S.

Apple has adopted a friendly attitude to real money gambling apps since 2013 which is in contrast to Google Play who despite recently announcing beta testing for social casino apps are still not allowing real money apps. In an interesting move Apple approved the first real money gambling horse-racing app from Derby games called Derby Jackpot. Players in the U.S. will now be able to bet on, watch and play for real money on horse races across the U.S. Derby Games is looking to ride the popular wave of fantasy sports betting apps and social casino apps which are some of the best performing sectors in the gaming market. An essential element required by Apple to gain approval for real money gambling apps is the necessary licensing in the locations where the app is use. Geolocation technology is an essential part of the requirements as well as the app been available for free without any in-app purchases allowed that are used to purchase credit for real money gambling use. Co-founder of Derby Games Walter Hessert explained their thinking behind the new launch,” We’ve taken the horse-racing experience and made it appealing to the broad social gamer and casual gambler. To date, over 75 percent of our players never bet on horse racing before.” Hessert went on to explain that they are targeting players who want a real money option but want the feel of a social game. You can do this by betting against your friends or in the Triple Crown series that takes place from May to June. Players can start betting from a low as 10 cents and can win as much as…

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Walt Disney In Talks With DraftKings Over Possible Venture

One of the most fiercely turf wars in the U.S. gaming world is that of the fantasy sports betting sector. The two powerhouses DraftKings and rival Fanduel are pulling out all the stops in order to gain the largest market share in this lucrative market. We have reported extensively on both the acquisitions and strategic partnerships of both companies who seem to be adopting identical business plans. The latest move by DraftKings is definitely one of the more interesting maneuvers we have seem. According to reports in the New York Business Journal DraftKings are in talks with Walt Disney in regards to a possible venture investment that could push their value to over $1 billion. It is important to point out that Walt Disney is the owner of sports broadcaster ESPN which claim to be the most viewed sports network. On the other hand Fanduel is tied to Comcast and NBC Sports who are investors. Fanduel reportedly has a larger market share than their rivals Fanduel but DraftKings seem to have entered into highly visible partnerships in major sports including the NBA, NHL and recently the UFC. It remains to be seem which powerhouse will reign as top dog as both startups show no signs of slowing down in their marketing and acquisition…

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Playstudios Enlist Shaquille O’Neal To Promote New Games

Playstudios is one of the social casino gaming publishers to watch. We reported on their real life rewards they offer in terms of cruise ships and complimentary stays at Las Vegas Hotels. Their latest ploy to improve their acquisition is to enroll the services of celebrities and they come no bigger than basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. They have announced two new games in their MyVegas Gamnes called ShaqJack and CaddyShaq. The promotion of games using celebrities has paid off in the last year with notables including Kim Kardashian for Glu Mobile as Kate Upton for Machine Zone’s Game of War title. CEO of Playstudios, Andrew Pascal explained their thinking behind the initiative,” We’ve partnered with the Big Man and we are incredibly excited about what we’ve created together. When players get a flavor for how we’ve incorporated Shaq into our games, they are going to be amazed at how we’ve captured the essence of his personality. And just like our MyVegas games, players earn real rewards as they play.” O’Neal apparently is not new to Playstudios and has worked with them in the design of their other games. The two new games intend to capture the personality and character of the Shaq. The man himself said,” Once players see the games, they are going to have some fun. I play MyVegas games and their features really keep you there for a while. These games will do the same thing.” Players can enjoy the slot machine based CaddyShaq and the blackjack based ShaqJack by earning real life rewards including a chance to shoot hoops withO’Neal in person at his…

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Research Shows Skill Plays Factor In Poker Success

The question over whether the game of poker is based on skill or chance has serious legal ramifications for individual players as well as gaming companies. In many countries like the U.S and the UK the element of skill in a game precludes it from the definition of gambling and makes it legal to play. This on the one hand is excellent news for players looking to legally enjoy poker but also might prompt government to think of taxing poker revenues from “skilled players.” Researchers from the University of Nottingham along with colleagues from Erasmus University Rotterdam and VU University Amsterdam have come up with some interesting findings showing that poker is more of a skill based game. They based their findings on over 456 million poker hands from a year’s worth of online games. The main finding was that the top 10 percent of players that fared well in the first six months of laying were likely to do so in the next six months as well. With billions of pounds wagered in online poker rooms, these findings could prompt legislation that would enable the taxman to enjoy the fruits of a poker players skills. The study found that the longer the skilled players played the better they fared at least 75 percent of the time. As we said this type of research is a double edged sword it could lead to poker being declared legal and not gambling while at the same time compelling players to hand over taxes to the…

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