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Iran Behind Last Years Blackout Of Sheldon Adelson’s Sands Website

Cyberattacks against online gambling sites are a serious and growing threat. Most of the time the motives are purely financial as hackers are known to blackmail online gaming sites with the threat of taking down their sites often at peak times which could cost the site millions of dollars. It is not even that uncommon for certain sites to write off the blackmail money as a necessary expense as they prefer not to rake the risk of being offline. We reported last year on a study that found that most companies are inadequately equipped to deal with a serious cyberattack. Just over a year ago we reported on a mysterious blackout of Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Website. Speculation and rumors were rife as to the exact nature and cause of the sites being down. What is emerging now for the first time is confirmation by the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who stated before a Senate Armed Services Committee this week that Iran was behind the attack. While at the time there were reports of anti-Israel posts on the hacked sites this new development takes the threat of hacking private companies to another level. This is the first time that a state has taken on a private company which Clapper described as a “destructive cyberattack” on par with North Korea’s hacking of Sony. The Sands were pretty slow to acknowledge what exactly the hackers has managed to steal but it included social security numbers, drivers licenses and credit card date. Adelson has come under fire from his own employees in the past for involving politics with business. He is not only a staunch Republican supporter but also is a strong supporter of Israel in their fight against nuclear Iran. The most worrying factor of this story is the fact that it is almost impossible for a private company to defend an attack from a government which has at their disposal any means necessary to successfully bring down a website. Clapper also warned that China and Russia were even more of a serious threat than Iran and North…

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Nevada To Allow Betting On Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The debate of whether sports betting will be legalized nationwide in the U.S. is becoming more a question of when and not if. We have covered the numbers purported to be generated by illegal sports betting in the U.S. extensively. While currently only permitted in Nevada the official intake from sports book last year was under $4 billion while the illegal sports market estimated to have generated in excess of $100 billion last year. New Jersey with Gov. Chris Christie at the helm is seen as the pioneer in their efforts to legalize sports betting in the U.S. Their main opposition gad come from professional sporting bodies like the NHL, NBA and NFL who believe it would ruin the integrity of professional sports. Today saw an interesting turn in what as seen as a major development for U.S. gamblers. The Nevada Gaming Control approved an amendment to state gaming regulations which will enable sportsbook to join their foreign counterparts on offering wagers on sporting events that are sanctioned by the international Olympic Committee. Back in 2001 Nevada banned betting on Olympic due largely to Sen. John McCain advocating a ban on all amateur sporting events. Fourteen years later and Nevada has lifted this restriction due to the absurdity of millions outside the U.S. not being able to place legal bets when they arrive in the U.S. The money is being spent by all accounts so there is no logic in seeing it get diverted to illegal bookies which is what has happened until now. The U.S. bookies are set to a much needed boost to their industry for the Rio 2016 Olympics. Events featuring prominent U.S. athletes like the Basketball team and skiing sensation Lindsey Vonn could be major revenue generators. There was talk about restricting which events wagers could be placed but the Nevada Gaming Control opted to permit betting on any sanctioned event but with the out clause that the chairman of the board could enforce…

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DraftKings Deal With UFC Could Give Them Edge Over Rivals FanDuel

Following weeks of speculation, DraftKings has officially signed a partnership deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This new venture from the daily fantasy sports giant DraftKings could be just what they need to get an edge over their rivals FanDuel. As we reported earlier over 41 million people engage in fantasy sports betting in the U.S. and Canada and this number is growing as we speak. The UFC is one of the most popular and fastest growing global sporting brands and provides DraftKings and exclusive entry into the world of mixed martial arts. In terms of the partnership deal DraftKings will become the official daily sports partner for the UFC which like their other deals with the NBA will give their brand more exposure with prominent stadium ad PPV brand placement for all UFC major events. One of the main components of the new partnership is that UFC fans will be proved with exclusive opportunities to mingle with the UFC personalities and athletes. There will be competitions like the Dana White Experience where winners will receive accommodation and travel to UFC events. They will be the special guest of UFC President Dana White and will even get to attend the weigh-ins, training sessions and get themselves a photograph in the octagon itself. Other contests include Fights with Dana where winners get to sit in Dana White’s VIP section. VP of Business Development at DraftKings, Jeremy Elbaum commented on the new partnership with the UFC,” The UFC is the fastest growing sports organization in the world, driven by the millions of fans who passionately follow MMA. We’re excited to partner with the UFC to provide its fans with games that provide tremendous payouts and amazing, unique prizes. This partnership reflects DraftKings’ deep commitment to MMA and its fans.” UFC senior VP of Global Marketing Partnerships Michael Mossholder gave their side on the partnership with DraftKings,” We’re thrilled to partner with DraftKings to provide UFC fans with new opportunities to engage with the UFC. Like all major sports and leagues, we continue to strive for ways to offer the most thrilling and innovative experiences for our fans and working alongside the leaders of the daily fantasy sports industry offers a cutting edge platform for daily action and entertainment.” The UFC is one of the most popular and fastest growing sports brands on the planet. DraftKings has recognized this and this new deal will offer them direct access to the UFC loyal fan base. DraftKIngs has already added a Daily Fantasy MMA contest as part of their commitment to mixed martial arts. The pace at which DraftKings is signing new sponsorship deals with just…

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Google To Start Testing Social Casino Ads In AdWords

Google is always looking to strengthen their dominance in mobile advertising especially against their competitors Facebook. Between the two of them they are the main players in the mobile advertising world which is expected to grow exponentially. One of the faster growing trends in mobile games is that of social casino games which look and feel like the real thing. This market already generates billions of dollars in what is dubbed as free-to-play casino simulated games. Just like fantasy sports betting social casino games are aimed mainly at building a solid player base for their respective real money options as soon as they become legal. Google has just announced that it will commence beta testing for social casino game ads in AdWords starting from next month. This change is policy is significant as it further legitimizes what some see as a Trojan horse for real money gaming companies. The games will now be included in what is part of a new standard sensitive ad category. They will appear in apps via AdMob as well as across the Google as ecosystem including YouTube. Publishers will now have to specify to opt out of this category if they do not want their ads to appear there. The likes of Playtika backed by Caesars and Double Down by IGT are too tempting for Google to ignore as they are looking for new advertisers to drive their mobile growth through this growing sector. As it stand now the restrictions are still in place for real money gambling and betting ads but this new beta test could easily be applied to the real money versions in markets where gambling is…

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New Jersey To Offer Voluntary Self Exclusion Online Option

New Jersey is currently the largest online gambling market in the U.S. Of the three states that have so far legalized online gambling in one way or another, the Garden State is the largest and much of the future expansion of internet gambling in the U.S. depends on the success or failure of New Jersey to operate a viable yet responsible online gambling market. With critics like Sheldon Adelson quick to point out that the option to gamble online could have disastrous effects on potential gambling addicts, New Jersey is under pressure to calm these fears. As part of their efforts to ensure a safe an responsible online gambling option, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement have announced the option for individuals to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling online in New Jersey. Players wanting to do so can now do this via Until now players wanting to exclude themselves were compelled to sign up at an online gambling website or apply in person at the DGE or authorized state New Jersey racetrack. Players now can sign up online without having to travel anywhere. To exclude themselves from land casinos however, the registration must still be done in person. Director of Division of Gaming Enforcement, David Rebuck commented on the new initiative, “The Division of Gaming Enforcement has one of the most comprehensive responsible gaming programs in the country, We strive to be innovative and remain at the forefront of Internet gaming regulation while giving individuals options to play online responsibly, or opt out if that is the right choice for them.” Players wanting to self-exclude themselves will be able to do so for a period ranging from 1-5 years and cannot be reversed once done. If you have excluded yourself but continue to gamble all winnings will be forfeited if you are caught and you will be removed from the internet…

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