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New Jersey Online Gambling Operators Under Pressure To Create Jobs

The state of New Jersey is seen as the prototype for online gambling throughout the U.S. While it has only been up and running since November last year there are already big plans and expectations for the Garden State. While online gambling often gets a bad rap there is the very real aspect of job creation which is sorely needed in the struggling U.S. economy. We reported on New Jersey’s ambitious plan to expand online gambling to a global audience by allowing foreign gambling companies to operate within New Jersey. Despite only starting four months ago operators in New Jersey are starting to feel the pressure of making good on promises made prior to the launch of internet gambling. There is a looming deadline coming up on May 1 in which all platform providers are required to base their teams who work in customer service, accounting and fraud detection in New Jersey. This is just one stipulation that operators will have to comply with as job creation is an essential part of why legislators supported legalizing online gambling. The exact amount of jobs that New Jersey could create is unknown but with their plans to create a global hub of gambling, many believe that this number could exceed 20,000. Online gambling supporters like the New Jersey lobbyist William J. Pascrell III re-iterated his optimism for New Jersey’s online gambling’s growth prospects,” New Jersey has already elapsed Nevada and Delaware’s markets, and we’re just scratching the surface. If New Jersey becomes a hub, the numbers will go up exponentially.” The success or failure of New Jersey which is the largest online gambling market currently in the U.S. could well make or break the further expansion to other states. There is no shortage of anti-online gambling voices like that of Sheldon Adelson and his political lackeys who plan to introduce a bill that will re-instate the Wire Act of…

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Russia Looks To Gambling To Fund Crimea Annexation

Revenues from gambling are used to finance many social causes in the countries that permit legal gambling. These include education, infrastructure, health care, housing and many more. Generally the idea is to take advantage of revenues which would otherwise be lost to illegal gambling. This is the general rationale behind legalizing gambling. Russia however has found a unique way in which to finance its unprecedented annexation of Crimea in the Ukraine. There are reports that the Kremlin is looking to fund its newly annexed territory by declaring it a “gambling zone”. According to reports Russian officials discussed this possibility on March 21 at a discussion led by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. There is a deadline of April 15 by which the Russian ministries of economy, finance and regional development must come up with a plan for the ambitions gambling zone that includes expected revenues. Crimea is going to cost Russia a fortune to bankroll as it has a fiscal deficit of $1.5 billion this year. The gambling revenues are aimed at making Crimea less dependent on the Russian state budget. Currently gambling in Russia has been banned since 2009 except in four regions. President Putin has not only political problems due to his invasion of Ukraine but also faces a troubled economy. In terms of the proposal Crimea will be subject to tax break and enjoy the status of a special economic zone. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev summed up the thinking behind declaring Crimea a gambling zone,” Our aim is to make the peninsula as attractive as possible to investors, so that it can generate sufficient income for its own development.” President Vladimir Putin is continuing to play for the highest stakes. His latest move to create a Macau in Crimea could set a precedent for any tyrant to fund military aggression. We look forward to following this story as it…

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U.S. Online Gambling Legalization Efforts Gets Boost From Police Organization

This week saw the much talked about attempt by Senators Graham and Chaffetz to federally ban online gambling with their Restoration of America’s Wire Act bill. With the backing of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson there is a feeling that the momentum to halt the expansion of online gambling in the U.S. might be getting somewhere. Whether it’s because anti online gambling campaigners like Sheldon Adelson have unlimited funds to drown the media in anti-internet gambling propaganda, it seems to harder to find positive press coverage on internet gambling in the U.S. One such story positive angle is coming from the Fraternal Order of The Police. This organization has as its motto to improve the working conditions of law enforcement officers as well as those they serve via education, legislation, information and community involvement. It’s all about protecting officers and keeping citizens safer according to the organization. Responding to the ongoing debate of legalizing online gambling, FOP president Chuck Canterbury voiced the same rationale that was used in the days of Prohibition. Canterbury unequivocally said he was against a ban on internet gambling. As it stands at the moment over 1 million Americans spend over $3 billion on black market gambling sites which are operated offshore. These websites have no measures that enable consumers to be protected which means online gamblers are exposed to criminals, unregulated gaming practices and worst of all no consumer protection. Some of the main objections of Sheldon Adelson’s opposition to online gambling is that it will cause a rise in underage gambling. Canterbury was quick to point out that this is exactly why we need to adopt regulated online gambling like that which exists in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. All these states employ top of the line technology to eliminate the possibility of underage gambling through various age verification measures. There is even evidence that illegal gambling operators might have ties with terrorist organizations and of course the underworld, Canterbury believes that the best solution to the online gambling debate is to allow states to offer online gambling within their borders with authorities being able to control and regulate the industry in a way that protects consumers. Revenues from legal online gambling are vital for law enforcement agencies and the lack of gambling revenues will directly mean less cops on the beat. Given the choice online gamblers would prefer a regulated and safe option and would largely abandon black market operators which would mean less money for criminal enterprises. Finally Canterbury said that the best way to keep both law enforcement officers and citizens safer was to drive the illegal online gambling market into…

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Gamblit Gaming Follows Betable’s Succesful Winning Formula

The saying “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is exactly what comes to mind when it comes to Betable. For those not involved in the gaming world Betable was founded in 2008 and in a nutshell has revolutionized the social gaming world. They are a one-stop company that provides all the licensing support and infrastructure that developers require to legally integrate real money gaming into their social and mobile games. As we have reported extensively in the past this has leveled the playing filed for any gaming developer as until now the  high cost and legal obstacles were too much to handle for gaming developers whose expertise do not include red tape. We have long backed Betable as a startup to watch as their magic formula seems to be a winning proposition for all sides. It seems that their success has led to other companies like CashBet and now Gamblit to follow. Gamblit was founded in 2010 and already has over 49 employees. The chief executive of Gamblit is Eric Meyerhofer and with him at the helm they have managed to raise $20 million to date. Gamblit not only provide their own game studio but also their unique platform. Gamblit like Betable is targeting the UK which seems to be the most regulated real money market, Today they announced they have raised $12 million in funding which will be used to develop their real money gambling platform. Gamblit chief marketing officer David Chang is well aware that they will have to do something different from that of Betable if they want to compete in this space. He explained Gamblit’s thinking,” We are excited about the enthusiasm for this space. We want to be a bridge to all of the developers that want to enter this space in territories around the world. The gambling industry is due for a shake-up. The gambling games you see out there now are really the same things you see in the casinos.” Chang went on further to emphasize that what they want to create is more original games which are not the standard casino games we see in the market. Chang wants to appeal to the lucrative gaming generation,” We think that will be attractive to a whole new segment in the market. We want to make games that appeal to the gamer generation.” Gamblit plans to launch titles later on this year but they will have their work cut out for them as they are still following Betable who have established themselves as leaders in the field of social gaming…

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Atari Attempts To Revive Brand By Entering Social Casino Market With FlowPlay

The social casino market is getting crowded as there are almost daily new startups who are looking to join this fast growing sector. Last year social casino games were reportedly worth over $2 billion worldwide and is in a growth phase. One of the most popular and mot recognized brands off the 80’s was Atari. We all remember the classic consoles with games like Asteroids which were at the time cutting-edge technology. Atari disappeared for a long time and have just emerged from bankruptcy proceedings. The new chief executive Fred Chesnais is currently the largest shareholder and bought the company back last year. Chesnais is trying to revive a classic brand by partnering up with social casino platform developer FlowPlay.  The idea is to use Atari’s classic nostalgic game themes and to combine them onto slot machines, poker and blackjack. Unlike other social gaming companies Chesnais makes no bones about his intention to move Atari into gambling even if for the moment it is only free-to-play. He was quoted as saying,” I love the brand. Atari has been mainly involved in gaming. My plan is to take it to gambling, even if it is with casual gambling (or social gaming, where you can’t cash out your winnings) at the start in the U.S. It is a very natural move.” Chesnais also explained this partnership with FlowPlay and said,” hey have a proven stack and back end. We believe the combination of the technology and brand, and the expertise in gaming on both sides, will make this a success.” Atari casino is set to debut this fall and will include plenty of nostalgic brands we all know and love such as Centipede, Missile Command and Asteroids. All these iconic games will be morphed into original slots, blackjack and poker games. Chesnais did not rule out real money gambling and said that current constraints mean that this option will have to be put off for the moment. We look forward to see if Atari can rise from the ashes and become the force it once was in the gaming…

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